Halloween – Classroom Activities and Party Ideas

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Classroom Activities

Spider Web

Have the students form a circle and tell them that you are going to make a spider web. Teach the word Spider and Web. Mention World Wide Web (www). Have a roll of thread, or thin cord and pass on to different students. They keep throwing the thread to each other as to form a big web. Have a spider on top of it later….and play with it! Say that the spider can’t fall. Students will love it! And it is a fast and cheap way to celebrate the date.

The Mummy

Choose a volunteer to be the mummy. If you have a large group divide it into smaller groups and make a competition. Time and at the end choose: The most beautiful mummy!

Well, what you are going to do is:
Get rolls of toilet paper. Students will roll the paper over a students body. It is another simple and fun way to celebrate Halloween!
Have students present their mummies or have the mummies wake up and talk to the others. ( :

The conversation will be in the past as the mummy is someone dead…hehehe

I was an Egytian king. I had a pyramid ( :

Talk or dance the skeleton DANCE

Find Printable activities at:

Halloween Printables-Kaboose.com

Ideas for Parties

How Many ?
Fill a jar with candy corn and have each guest write down their best guess as to how many candies are in the jar.

This is a good game to play at the beginning of the party, as guests filter in. Announce the winner
 at the end of the party–They win the jar!

Haunted Halloween Touchy Feely Box
Cut a hole in boxes large enough, to reach in with your hand.
The “Box Master” says that a “mad scientist left his experiment 
behind. Inside each box, place bowls of cold noodles, olives, parts of fruit slime…etc.
Line up students and have them feel each thing. No looking! You can narrate to them what each box contains. Use your imagination! Ex: These are the eyes! This is blood and so on!

It’s a good idea to have a tap and a towel at the end of the line so that students can wash and dry their hands.

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