Activities on a Fairy Tale: Cinderella

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Cinderella’s parents died and left her alone with her stepmother, who had two vicious daughters. They made Cinderella clean and cook all day long. One day the prince invited all the girls in the kingdom for a ball in the castle. Cinderella wanted to go too but she couldn’t, she didn’t have a dress. She was so disappointed, she started to cry. Then her fairy godmother appeared and with magic she turned a pumpkim and turned into a carriage and 6 mice into horses. And she turned Cinderella’s rags into a beautiful dress, but she said, “Come back before midnight”. At the stroke of midnight Cinderella ran back home, and she lost her slipper on the castles’ steps. The prince looked for her, and said that anyone whose foot fit the glass slipper would be his bride. To everyone’s surprise Cinderella’s foot fit perfectly in the slipper, and soon the prince and Cinderella were married.”

Give  a lesson around the fairy tale Cinderella. Tell students the story. Have them draw the parts of it or create dialogues between Cinderella and the stepsisters. They can even create a MODERN CINDERELLA (which could be written by teenage students- The modern Cinderella loses her laptop for example).

glass slipper

Activity 1.

Have one piece of paper for each student, each one with a different component of the story. The student will have to draw it. When everyone finishes, The teacher reads the story and they put up the posters everytime they listen to the word.

Cinderella / the stepmother and the stepsisters/ ball in the castle/ pumpkim
carriage/ mice/ horses/ dress/ midgnight/ glass slipper/ prince

Activity 2.

As it was mentioned, do a writing activity with older students. Tell them to rewrite the story, recreating Cinderella’s story with a more modern perspective. Give out pieces of paper, let them start in class. Go around, give help when needed. You can let them finish at home. Correct all the compositions, let them present to the class. Tell them to make a simple poster with the story and the illustration. Display their work.

Here are great videos to be used for your inspiration.

Video of the story:

Mouse Song:

YouTube video

Fairy Godmother song:

YouTube video

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