Theme Lesson Worksheets:

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Theme Lesson Sheets

Sport & Olympic Games Worksheets : sports theme
World Cup ESL Resources – Crossword, Football Game
Football Crosswords- World Cup and Football talk
Popular Sports Vocabulary worksheet- Suggested Teaching Procedure
Sport Players Vocabulary scramble- Word Scramble Exercise
Sport Equipment worksheets- Teach and Practice vocabulary related to sport equipment
Different kinds of Olympic Sports 1- Vocabulary worksheet 1
Different kinds of Olympic Sport 2- Vocabulary Worksheet 2
Olympic Games and Sports crosswords
Olympic Games word search- Sport vocabulary
International Food- Describing different foods
Food adjectives worksheets- Learn to describe food according to texture, taste,shape, smell
Food description word association exercise- Put the adjectives under the right groups
International Food and country matching exercise
International Food and flag coloring exercise- List some other items-Talk about your country’s food.
Food and picture matching- International food and picture matching exercise.
World Food word search
Environment Vocabulary Worksheets
Environmental Picture Vocabulary worksheet- pollution, recycle etc.
Environmental Slogan writing worksheet- Create slogans for TV campaign
Environmental Rules- using imperatives and modals to make rules for the environment
Environmental Taboos- Worksheet for students to write taboos for environment
Travel English
Calling your travel agent- dialogue gap fill exercise
At the hotel – Filling in the registration card
Travel word Match – Match travel words to definitions
Travel crosswords- Travel advice and what to know before traveling
Mr. Bean Video Worksheet- Mr. Bean in Room 426- Teach several travel words by watching this movie.
China- English Lessons About China
China currently the focus on international news and world events. A little bit of knowledge about China would help you teach students how to talk about China in English. They will learn words related to Chinese culture, history, famous people and chinese Geography.
Chinese New Year- Spring festival matching exercise
China sentence scramble activity
EFL China Quiz worksheet
China crossword exercise
EFL China Word search exercise
ESL China vocabulary game worksheet
Matching Exercise- ESL,EFL,ESOL China worksheet
Panda sentence scramble- How much do you know about pandas?
China word scramble exercise
Scotland- ESL Lesson on Scotland
Scotland vocabulary worksheet
Scotland word scramble Worksheet
Scotland matching exercise ESL worksheet
Scotland flag coloring worksheet
Festivals Worksheets
Festivals crosswords : christmas, Diwali, Halloween crosswords
Festivals and holiday word search
Halloween, Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving & more here>>>
Jobs and Occupations worksheets
Elementary Jobs and occupations word search & word association worksheet
jobs word search exercise for pre-intermediate level
Crossword exercise for jobs and occupations
Match jobs and description.
Jobs word fragments( find the pieces and make job words
Product/brands Materials worksheets- Describing products
Materials of products: What’s it made of? Diamond, iron, steel, leather etc. Matching Exercise
Famous brands vocabulary worksheet- Nokia, Sony, BMW
Product material crossword Where was it made?
Product material word search
Talking about movies, films and TV Watching
Movies crosswords- Kinds of movies-comedy, etc.
Movies Matching exercise- Match movie type to description
Word Association exercise for movies vocabulary
TV programs crossword worksheet- Talk about TV programs
TV Shows dialogue matching exercise
TV programs word chop exercise
Sickness vocabulary worksheets
Sickness crossword exercise- Fill in the puzzle with words related to sickness
Sickness word search exercise- Find sickness words
Doctor vs. patient dialogue cards
Health problems word search vocabulary exercise
Doctor I feel ill- Word chop exercise
Famous Places- General Knowledge
World Land marks & Historical Sites-vocabulary worksheet to teach Coliseum, Pyramids of Egypt, Statue of Liberty, Sydney opera house, Big ben, stone henge and other world landmarks.
Question formats worksheet- Asking question in English using different question forms- Learn to build a general knowledge quiz.
World Fact Sheet- General knowledge quiz writing : Use a world fact sheet and ask students to build questions
Good Habits & Home Chores Vocabulary- Complete Lesson
Video Slide show
Interactive Exercises

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