Types of Authentic Assessments

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Types of Authentic Assessments

Oral Interviews

Teacher asks students questions about personal background, activities and interests.

  • Informal and relaxed context;
  • Conducted over successive days with each students.

Story or Text Retelling

Students retell main ideas or selected details of text experience through listening or reading.

Writing Samples

Students generate narrative, expository, persuasive, or reference paper.

  • Students produce written documents,
  • It can be scored on content and language;
  • It can determine writing processes.


Students make formal presentation, written report or both;

  • teacher can observe oral and written production and thinking skills;
  • scored with rubric or rating scale.


Students complete experiment or demonstrate use of materials.

  • Students make oral presentation, written report or both;
  • can observe oral and written products;
  • scored with rubric or rating scale.

Constructed-Response Items

Students respond in writing to open-ended questions.

  • Student produces written report.
  • Usually scored on substantive information and thinking skills;
  • Scored with rubric or rating scale.


Focused collection of student work to show progress over time.

  • Integrates information from a number of sources;
  • Gives overall picture of student performance and learning.
  • Strong student involvement and commitement;
  • Calls for student self-assessment.

Teacher Observations

Teacher observes student attention, response to instructional materials or interaction with other students.

  • Setting classroom environment;
  • Takes little time;
  • Record Observations with anecdotal notes or rating scales.
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