Comparative Adjectives – Song

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More valuable than a diamond is a song by India Arie.

“India Arie born on October 3, 1975 is an American soul, R&B, and neo soul singer-songwriter, record producer, guitarist, and flautist.” (Source:

Grammy Awards History

I used this song when illustrating the use of the Comparative for long adjectives. Students loved it! India has a great voice. The song can be played with kids, teenagers or adults!

Play HANGMAN with the adjectives you find in the song, BEFORE listening to it!






1. (of a person) recovering easily and quickly from misfortune or illness
2. (of an object) capable of regaining its original shape or position after bending or stretching

AFTER listening to the song. Tell students to write sentences using the adjetives found in the song.

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