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Love Conversation Lesson. With these conversation topics and Love Discussion Questions, your students will be able to put out their view on important real-life subjects.

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Love Discussion Questions

Are there many kinds of love?

Is there a difference between the love we feel for our family and the love we feel for our lovers, wives, husbands?

Christianity teaches ‘Love one another’. Is Christian love another kind of love? Or is this something different, not love at all?

a relationship

a friendship

a love affair






He was interested in her.

He was attracted by her.

He fell in love with her.

He adored her.

He bored her.

She got tired of him.

She left him.







1. A question for men:

What is an attractive woman? Are these important qualities for you?




a sense of humour

an interesting personality

A question for women:

What is an attractive man? Are these qualities important for you?

politeness and friendliness

good looks




an interesting personality

Is it possible to live without love?

Are there some people who can never love?

Does this harm them? How?

Has there been a period in your life when you didn’t love anyone?

What difference did this make to your life?

Do you find it more important to love or to be loved?

What is it in another person that makes you love him or her?

What can you do when someone loves you whom you don’t love?

How do you feel in this situation?

What is the different in the love we feel for our family and the love we feel for our lovers, wives, husbands? Is there any difference? Christianity teaches: ‘Love one another.’Is this another kind of love?

Is there a real difference between deep friendship and love?

When people are asked what made their love die, they often say things like this:

‘We didn’t see each other for 3 months’

‘She began to bore me’

‘He stopped paying attention to me’

‘She was only interested in herself’

‘He lied to me’

Are these things important in causing love to die?

Are these important factors in preserving love?

caring for each other



not always being together

What would you have done?

Professor X is an American. When he was 23, he studied for a short time in Moscow. There he met a Russian girl and shortly married her. They returned to the United States to live and had three children. More than 10 years later, X met another woman, with whom he fell deeply in love. Knowing that his wife had left her country for him, he decided to break off this current relationship. Today he is an old man and knows he left his one great love of his life.

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