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Will Messi & Miami get the better of Nashville AGAIN?! ?? | Inter Miami vs Nashville | MLS Preview

Video vocabulary


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US / ðə /

UK / ðə /

  • article
  • Used to refer to something already mentioned
  • Used to show there is only one of something
  • determiner
  • Used to describe all of a family


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US / bɪ /

UK / bi /

  • verb
  • Being


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US / ənd /

UK / ənd, ən,ænd /

  • conjunction
  • Used to refer to two or more things
  • Plus; in addition; on top of that
  • Used to introduce an action that follows another


Copy vocabulary

US / ðæt /

UK / ðæt, ðət /

  • adjecitve
  • The person or thing being talked about
  • Used to identify something both the speakers know
  • adverb
  • Used to reinforce adjectives and adverbs
  • To such a degree
  • conjunction
  • Used to connect a noun clause
  • Used to introduce an adverbial clause
  • Used to introduce a noun clause
  • determiner
  • Used as a noun to refer to something
  • pronoun
  • Referring an object far away
  • Used to refer to the relative pronoun ‘which’


Copy vocabulary

US / həv /

UK / hæv /

  • verb
  • To drink, smoke, eat or use something
  • To experience the effects of something
  • To organize an event, or join in an activity
  • To own, possess, or hold something
  • To cause to happen or produce a particular effect


Copy vocabulary

US / jʊ /

UK / ju /

  • pronoun
  • Person someone is speaking or writing to
  • Person or people in general


Copy vocabulary

US / bət /

UK / bʌt,bət /

  • conjunction
  • Used before you say something different, opposite


Copy vocabulary

US / ɡet /

UK / ɡɛt /

  • verb
  • To become affected by illness or disease
  • To begin to feel or understand an emotion or idea
  • To send or bring someone or something home, etc.
  • To go somewhere to obtain something
  • To (cause to) do a particular thing
  • To obtain, receive or be given something
  • To currently have
  • To prepare for use
  • To understand something being said or read


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US / ðeɪ /

UK / ðe /

  • pronoun
  • Two or more people, animals, or things


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US / wʌn /

UK / wʌn /

  • adjecitve
  • Used to refer to people generally
  • Being a strong example of (something mentioned)
  • number
  • Number 1
  • pronoun
  • You; we; people in general; someone
  • The thing or person previously referred to


Copy vocabulary

US / ɡəʊ /

UK / ɡo /

  • noun
  • A turn in a game
  • verb
  • To attend or be at a place
  • To do an activity
  • To function properly
  • To move or travel to another place


Copy vocabulary

US / wɪl /

UK / wɪl /

  • noun
  • Desire or choice of someone
  • Document saying who gets your money when you die
  • Strong desire to do something; determination
  • Desire to do something; strong wish to do
  • other
  • Used with verbs to express the future
  • verb
  • To leave property to someone after your death
  • To use mental effort to make something happen
  • Am (is, are) likely to do
  • To influence someone to do something
  • To make something happen by strongly wanting it


Copy vocabulary

US / lʊk /

UK / lʊk /

  • noun
  • Person's beauty or physical attractiveness
  • Particular style of dress, clothes, or appearance
  • The way someone, something appears to be
  • Act of searching for or examining something
  • verb
  • To appear to be; seem


Copy vocabulary

US / səm /

UK / sʌm /

  • adjecitve
  • Remarkable; very good (or very bad) in a way
  • Concerning a certain unclear degree, quantity
  • determiner
  • Used to refer to an unspecified amount or number
  • pronoun
  • Number of persons, things in a group, but not all


Copy vocabulary

US / teɪk /

UK / tek /

  • noun
  • Filming of a single scene for TV or the movies
  • verb
  • To accept something that is offered
  • To use a method of traveling, e.g. a bus or train
  • To use a camera to make (a photo)
  • To pick up something and go away with it
  • To study a subject in school
  • To attempt to pass (an exam)
  • To require a certain amount of time, money, space


Copy vocabulary

US / let /

UK / lɛt /

  • verb
  • To allow someone to do something
  • Introducing a suggestion to do something together
  • To rent a house, etc. to others


Copy vocabulary

US / ði:z /

UK / ðiz /

  • determiner
  • People, things, or ideas near you
  • pronoun
  • The objects near the speaker


Copy vocabulary

US / 'ɪntə /

UK / ˈɪntu /

  • preposition
  • Moving or going inside something
  • In the same direction as; in the direction of
  • So as to become; taking the state of


Copy vocabulary

US / fɜ:st /

UK / fɚst /

  • adjecitve
  • 1st; Coming before all others in time or place
  • noun
  • Something that has not happened before
  • Position of the winner of a competition


Copy vocabulary

US / 'əʊvə(r) /

UK / ˈovɚ /

  • adverb
  • Finished; no longer happening
  • Towards the ground/away from a standing position
  • noun
  • A set of six consecutive balls bowled in cricket
  • other
  • Finished
  • preposition
  • Showing the relation when a thing is above another
  • On or covering something
  • Above or across something
  • More than you need
  • From one side to the other
  • In the direction of; toward


Copy vocabulary

US / tu: /

UK / tu /

  • number
  • 2


Copy vocabulary

US / ðɛː /

UK / ðer /

  • determiner
  • Belonging to them


Copy vocabulary

US / ɒf /

UK / ɔ:f /

  • adjecitve
  • (Of event) canceled; no longer occurring
  • Not having on; not wearing
  • Being somewhat wrong
  • adverb
  • Separated, removed, or away from a place or route
  • (Of a machine) no longer turned on or operating
  • (Of light, computer) no longer attached/connected
  • Far away in terms of time or space
  • preposition
  • Away or free from work
  • (Of foods, drink) old and bad to eat, drink
  • Extending or leading from something
  • No longer in or on some transport or vehicle


Copy vocabulary

US / bɪɡ /

UK / bɪɡ /

  • adjecitve
  • Popular
  • Serious
  • Large


Copy vocabulary

US / tə'deɪ /

UK / təˈde /

  • adverb
  • On this day; at the time that is happening now
  • noun
  • This day; day that is happening now


Copy vocabulary

US / ˈprɒbəbli /

UK / ˈprɑbəbli /

  • adverb
  • That is likely to happen or be true


Copy vocabulary

US / ɪˈnʌf /

UK / ɪˈnʌf /

  • adjecitve
  • Sufficient to answer the need
  • adverb
  • To a satisfactory degree
  • pronoun
  • Equal to what is needed; as much as required
  • Adequate number or amount


Copy vocabulary

US / həʊm /

UK / hom /

  • adjecitve
  • A sports team's own field or place of play
  • adverb
  • Into the correct or intended position
  • noun
  • House, apartment or building to be rented or sold
  • Institution for sick or elderly people
  • Place where a person or a family lives
  • Country where a person lives or was born
  • Region that is native to peoples, plant or animals
  • verb
  • To move towards a particular target location


Copy vocabulary

US / feɪs /

UK / fes /

  • noun
  • Side or outer surface of something
  • An expression using mouth, nose, eyes etc.
  • Front part of the head where eyes, mouth etc. are
  • Characteristics you show in public
  • verb
  • To cover a surface with something like paint
  • To deal with a problem or responsibilities
  • To look toward; point in a certain direction


Copy vocabulary

US / wɪn /

UK / wɪn /

  • noun
  • Success in beating the other team or competitors
  • Success in a game or contest
  • verb
  • To get something as a prize because of a success
  • To gain something you want because of your efforts
  • To succeed in a game or contest


Copy vocabulary

US / ti:m /

UK / tim /

  • noun
  • Group of people working on a task together
  • Group of people playing a sport together


Copy vocabulary

US / frʌnt /

UK / frʌnt /

  • adjecitve
  • Opposite of back; the forward part of an object
  • noun
  • Behavior not showing a person's true feelings
  • Area where fighting in a war is happening
  • Place where air of different temperatures meets
  • verb
  • To have the forward part facing something
  • To lead a group of people, usually a band


Copy vocabulary

US / pi:s /

UK / pis /

  • noun
  • A counter in a board game
  • Small part of something larger
  • verb
  • To put items together to assemble something


Copy vocabulary

US / 'fɔ:wəd /

UK / ˈfɔrwəd /

  • adjecitve
  • Toward what is ahead; in front
  • Acting in a socially aggressive manner; pushy
  • adverb
  • Toward the front in place; in front
  • Toward a future time; to a more advanced state
  • verb
  • To send something to another address or person


Copy vocabulary

US / ˈfaɪnl /

UK / ˈfaɪnəl /

  • adjecitve
  • That will not be changed; permanent
  • Being the last thing in a series
  • noun
  • Last game in a series in a competition


Copy vocabulary

US / 'ækʃn /

UK / ˈækʃən /

  • noun
  • Something that a person or thing does
  • verb
  • To act to do something


Copy vocabulary

US / mætʃ /

UK / mætʃ /

  • noun
  • Something that is equal to or the same as another
  • Small stick you strike to light a fire candle etc.
  • A sports competition between two people or teams
  • Person or thing that goes well with another
  • verb
  • To equal or be as good as something else
  • To work well or look good with something else


Copy vocabulary

US / təˈnaɪt /

UK / təˈnaɪt /

  • adverb
  • Night following this day
  • noun
  • This evening; the night of today


Copy vocabulary

US / 'preznt /

UK / ˈprɛznt /

  • adjecitve
  • Being in attendance; being there; having turned up
  • noun
  • Gift
  • Verb tense indicating an action is happening now
  • Current time; now
  • verb
  • To introduce someone to others
  • To host a program on television or radio
  • To give a speech or presentation
  • To show something to someone who will examine it
  • To appear or happen
  • To give an award or prize to someone


Copy vocabulary

US / kʌp /

UK / kʌp /

  • noun
  • Small round container used for drinking
  • Silver trophy teams compete to win
  • Unit of measurement for foods or liquids
  • verb
  • To make the shape of a bowl with your hands


Copy vocabulary

US / həʊst /

UK / host /

  • noun
  • Mass; a great number
  • Person who entertains guests
  • Plant or animal on or in which parasites live
  • Presenter on a television or radio program
  • verb
  • To be the sponsor of an event, e.g. the Olympics
  • To lead or start a party, program, or other event
  • To lead a TV or radio show as the announcer


Copy vocabulary

US / 'epɪk /

UK / ˈɛpɪk /

  • adjecitve
  • Going on for a long time; awe-inspiring
  • noun
  • A long story, often about many people and events


Copy vocabulary

US / trænˈzɪʃn /

UK / trænˈzɪʃən, -ˈsɪʃ- /

  • noun
  • Change from one state, movement, place to another
  • verb
  • To change state, movement, place, or subject


Copy vocabulary

US / ˈhɑ:dweə(r) /

UK / ˈhɑ:rdwer /

  • noun
  • Physical parts of a computer, machine or device
  • Items such as computers, monitors and keyboards
  • Metal tools or parts used to repair something


Copy vocabulary

US / 'penəltɪ /

UK / ˈpɛnəlti /

  • noun
  • Negative effect resulting from your actions
  • Punishment for committing a crime or offense
  • A punishment for breaking the rules of the game


Copy vocabulary

US / ˈtrəʊfi /

UK / ˈtroʊfi /

  • noun
  • Prize given to the winner of a competition
  • Something to show your high social status


Copy vocabulary

US / rɪˈkɔ:l /

UK / rɪˈkɔl /

  • noun
  • (Company) asking for the return of faulty goods
  • Act of remembering events or details of the past
  • verb
  • (Company) to ask for the return of faulty goods
  • To remember events or details of the past


Copy vocabulary

US / ˈɪntrəstɪŋli /

UK / ˈɪntrəstɪŋli /

  • adverb
  • You'll find this surprising; in an interesting way


Copy vocabulary

US / 'ʃʊtɚʊt /

UK / 'ʃʊtɚʊt /

  • noun
  • Fight with guns, e.g. between police and gang


Copy vocabulary

US / ˈnæʃˌvɪl /

UK / ˈnæʃˌvɪl /

  • proper noun
  • The capital of Tennessee, in the north central part of the state, on the Cumberland River; populatio


Copy vocabulary

US / /

UK / /

  • other
  • Units of liquid volume equal to 0.001 liter
  • Introduction to Video Content
  • In this video, we will be discussing the upcoming match between Inter Miami and Nashville SC in the MLS. These two teams previously faced off in the League's Cup Final, which was an intense match that went into penalties. Inter Miami emerged as the winners in the penalty shootout, claiming their first trophy. Interestingly, the presentation of the trophy will take place tonight in front of the team they defeated, which adds an extra layer of rivalry and pettiness. Some may find this new tradition entertaining, while others may question its significance. Nevertheless, there is no denying the excitement and drama that comes with football matches like these.Before diving into the match details, some banter about reality TV shows like Love Island was exchanged in the green room. While some prefer to avoid drama, the panel agrees that dramatic moments in football are essential. Perhaps incorporating Love Island-esque escapades into the football realm can add more excitement. Commentary from one of the panelists, Kupo, who hails from New Jersey, supports the idea of having more drama in football.Now let's talk about the teams and their recent performances. Nashville SC suffered a heavy defeat against Atlanta, losing 4-0, which is their second worst loss in their history. This was surprising as they are generally solid defensively. On the other hand, Inter Miami has been performing well, securing a 2-0 victory against the New York Red Bulls. This match marked Lionel Messi's first official appearance in the MLS, although he has already played in 11 cup matches leading up to this moment. The panelists express their amusement at the confusion caused by Messi's "debut" and discuss the buzz surrounding his presence in the league.In conclusion, the upcoming match between Inter Miami and Nashville SC promises to be an exciting encounter. The rivalry between the two teams adds an extra layer of intensity, particularly since Inter Miami will be presented with their trophy in front of Nashville. Both teams have had contrasting performances in their recent matches, with Nashville struggling and Inter Miami finding success. The introduction of Messi to the MLS has undoubtedly created a buzz, and fans are eager to see how he will perform in this league. With all the drama and passion surrounding this match, it is sure to be a spectacle for football enthusiasts.
  • Subtitles section
  • But let's transition over to probably the biggest match of today.
  • We've got some mid-week MLS action to look forward to.
  • And Inter-Miami will be hosting Nashville SC. If you recall, these two teams faced off in the League's Cup Final.
  • It was an epic one that went into penalties.
  • Inter-Miami win it in the PK shootout.
  • They take home their first piece of hardware.
  • And interestingly enough, that trophy is going to be presented tonight in front of the team that they beat.
  • That is so petty.
  • I know.
  • That is so petty.
  • I know.
  • But we will love it.
  • I refuse to believe that that standard that now has just been developed is now a new custom.
  • You like it though, don't you?
  • I do, I love it.
  • I love it.
  • Before the show started, all the conversation in the green room was about Love Island and all these shows.
  • And you're saying you don't want this drama?
  • All I heard was drama.
  • Listen, I was not a party to that conversation, but I do appreciate all of the footballing drama.
  • Like, I need more of that.
  • Maybe we need to infuse more Love Island-esque escapades into the football realm.
  • Kupo, you're from Jersey.
  • We know you want the drama.
  • Sign me up.
  • Sign me up.
  • Well, let's talk about this matchup though, because Nashville is coming off a really tough loss to Atlanta where they got thumped 4-0. Second worst loss in their history.
  • Yes.
  • They don't give up that many goals.
  • So that was strange to see.
  • And then we have Inter-Miami who continue to roll.
  • They got the 2-0 win over the New York Red Bulls in what was Lionel Messi's first actual MLS match, which is strange to say because he's played in now 11 matches, but they were all cup matches.
  • I got so many texts about that.
  • I know.
  • How's he making his debut?
  • He's been around for 10 games.
  • It's funny because we've all been in and around Major League Soccer, so we understand the crazy nuances about it, but people are like, wait, what?
  • Why do you keep saying it's his first game?
  • It's not his first game.
  • It's like, well, technically.
  • And they just won a trophy and they're still the worst team anymore.
  • Well, you also have all of the Europeans now tuned in for Messi that are wildly confused and I'm thoroughly enjoying that dialogue.
  • So wait, he just won the league?
  • I thought they were the worst team in the league.
  • I don't know.
  • I'm like, no, no, no.
  • League's cup.
  • League's cup.
  • Is not league.
  • And then throw in U.S. Open.
  • U.S. Open Cup.
  • They're so confused.
  • Black Cups.
  • I hope that they end up down a weird, weird rabbit hole.
  • And welcome.
  • Welcome.
  • Welcome to soccer.
  • Welcome to the League of Chaos.
  • We are glad that you're here.
  • No, it is.
  • It's a lot of fun.
  • But this is, Messi was rested in that game against Red Bulls.
  • He did not make the start.
  • What do you think Tata Martino is going to do in this one?
  • Because we keep saying that like, oh, this is going to be a test for Inter-Miami.
  • And then they go out and do the thing.
  • So Nashville, I think coming off that loss is going to be extra motivated.
  • They're going to be salty because they're presenting that trophy that they wanted.
  • How are you approaching this game if you're Tata?
  • Well, I think Ann Nashville is going to feel very confident in the way that they played Miami.
  • I think they have been the best team against Miami since Messi's inclusion, since Jordi Alba has been there and Busquets.
  • The way that Nashville played against Busquets in particular, I thought was really smart.
  • They tried to eliminate him from the game.
  • Then, if you eliminate one player, one of the things that happens is you just create more space around somebody else.
  • And it doesn't matter if Messi has space around him or not.
  • He can invent space and he can find a way to score a goal.
  • Yeah, which he showed that against the Red Bulls, just like stabbing people around him.
  • And against Nashville.
  • There were six players around him when he scored.
  • He is a cheat code.
  • What I will say, though, is obviously everyone's looking.
  • Are you going to arrest Messi?
  • No, they're not.
  • OK, because the reality of it is there's still a bottom of the table team in MLS and they need to make up a lot of leeway.
  • And you're at home.
  • 11 games to make up that.
  • So, you know what?
  • They've got three in them.
  • He'll play.
  • He'll play.
  • Will he start?
  • Yes, he'll start.
  • I don't think he will.
  • And the reason why is Zimmerman is still injured.
  • Walker Zimmerman is still injured.
  • That's the focal point of your defense.
  • I honestly don't think you even need Messi for a full 90 minutes in order to beat Nashville if they don't have Walker Zimmerman.
  • I do hope that they play the 4-3-3, though.
  • And not the three back that Tata has been playing with.
  • I understand they're getting these U-22 players.
  • They're trying to bring them into the mix.
  • It didn't look convincing the times that we saw.
  • It's a very defensive look.
  • They've been on the front foot for so much of the time with these new players in.
  • I would like to see them in that 4-3-3 going at this Nashville squad, especially at home.
  • You know, this is a different drive-thruing stadium now that Messi and company are there.
  • It is a hard place to play.
  • I'd like to see Messi start, play 45-60 minutes, see if he can get a good lead because Walker Zimmerman's not in the game.
  • And be more on the front foot as opposed to, like, because I think Messi's going to want to play.
  • I think so.
  • I agree with you.
  • And I will say, if somehow Nashville wins this, we might see the beginning of a new rivalry.
  • Yeah, which I think would be pretty interesting.
  • Also, Nashville, they started out the season really, really well.
  • And they've always been sort of in and around that top four.
  • And they've dropped down a little bit.
  • And I think that this could be a really big statement game because I think that they are absolutely a playoff team.
  • But they want to have, you know what it's like at the end of the season in MLS.
  • You want to get that momentum.
  • You need to have a good stretch of games as you head into the postseason.
  • And so for Nashville, I think they're going to be looking at this match to kind of get themselves going again.
  • Miami defensively hasn't been solid.
  • And Nashville gets Jacob Shackelberg back, who has been a really good way.
  • He's been able to unlock defenses.
  • So I do think it's going to be a little bit different of a game than it was last time.