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Kristen Wiig & Josh Lucas Test How Well They Know Each Other | All About Me | Harper's BAZAAR

Video vocabulary


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US / laɪk /

UK / laɪk /

  • adjecitve
  • Being equal in status or kind to something else
  • Similar; the same
  • adverb
  • For example
  • preposition
  • Used as a filler; used to ad emphasis
  • In a way similar to the way something is done
  • Such as; for example
  • verb
  • To want to
  • To find something pleasing; to prefer something


Copy vocabulary

US / ə'baʊt /

UK / əˈbaʊt /

  • adverb
  • To be ready to; going to
  • Nearly; approximately; roughly
  • Near; next to; close to
  • In every direction; in the area of
  • preposition
  • Concerning or of (a topic)


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US / ɡet /

UK / ɡɛt /

  • verb
  • To become affected by illness or disease
  • To begin to feel or understand an emotion or idea
  • To send or bring someone or something home, etc.
  • To go somewhere to obtain something
  • To (cause to) do a particular thing
  • To obtain, receive or be given something
  • To currently have
  • To prepare for use
  • To understand something being said or read


Copy vocabulary

US / mi:n /

UK / min /

  • adjecitve
  • Being good at
  • Nasty; unkind
  • Not liking to spend money; cheap; stingy
  • noun
  • Average of a set of numbers
  • verb
  • To express a particular idea or thought
  • To intend to do something in particular
  • To have a particular meaning or value


Copy vocabulary

US / flaɪ /

UK / flai /

  • noun
  • Common flying insect, sometimes blue in color
  • Opening with fold of cloth hiding zipper on pants
  • verb
  • To move in the wind, e.g. a flag
  • To move at a high speed
  • To travel in a plane, helicopter, balloon etc.
  • To pilot people or items by plane
  • To travel through the air using wings


Copy vocabulary

US / wɒtʃ /

UK / wɑtʃ /

  • noun
  • Period of time someone is responsible for guarding
  • Device you wear on your wrist that shows the time
  • Official warning statement, e.g. of bad weather
  • verb
  • To keep in check, manage, or control something
  • To look at something for entertainment, e.g. TV
  • To guard a place or people; protect child, etc.
  • To look at carefully to work out what is happening
  • To protect and care for someone or something


Copy vocabulary

US / təʊ /

UK / toʊ /

  • noun
  • One of the five parts at the end of your foot
  • Front part of a sock or shoe


Copy vocabulary

US / ənd /

UK / ənd, ən,ænd /

  • conjunction
  • Used to refer to two or more things
  • Plus; in addition; on top of that
  • Used to introduce an action that follows another


Copy vocabulary

US / aʊt /

UK / aʊt /

  • adverb
  • No longer stylish (e.g. fashion)
  • Away from home, business, or the usual place
  • In a direction/movement away from inside or center
  • noun
  • Act when a batter cannot continue playing
  • verb
  • To tell people a secret


Copy vocabulary

US / kə'læpsɪŋ /

UK / kə'læpsɪŋ /



Copy vocabulary

US / əˈlɒŋ /

UK / əˈlɔ:ŋ /

  • adverb
  • As a companion; taken with someone
  • preposition
  • At a point on a line


Copy vocabulary

US / dʒɒʃ /

UK / dʒɑ:ʃ /

  • noun
  • Good-natured banter.
  • transitive verb
  • Tease (someone) in a playful way.


Copy vocabulary

US / həv /

UK / hæv /

  • verb
  • To drink, smoke, eat or use something
  • To experience the effects of something
  • To organize an event, or join in an activity
  • To own, possess, or hold something
  • To cause to happen or produce a particular effect


Copy vocabulary

US / pɑ:t /

UK / pɑ:rt /

  • adjecitve
  • To some degree; half; not fully
  • noun
  • Division of a book
  • Ratio of something, e.g. 3 of gin, 1 of tonic
  • A line in a person's hair, made with a comb
  • Character an actor plays on stage, movie, or TV
  • Some, but not all of a specific thing
  • Role in causing something to happen
  • verb
  • To make a line in a person's hair, by using a comb
  • To move two things apart creating a space
  • To leave someone, or to break off a relationship


Copy vocabulary

US / si: /

UK / si /

  • verb
  • To go on a date with someone
  • To predict whether something is, or will be true
  • To understand what someone says
  • To use your eyes to look at something
  • To visit a place often for sightseeing or pleasure
  • To visit or meet with someone
  • To find out by waiting or looking
  • To watch (a game, movie or TV show)


Copy vocabulary

US / ˈri:sntli /

UK / 'risṇtlɪ /

  • adverb
  • Just a while ago; not long ago


Copy vocabulary

US / fə(r) /

UK / fɔr,fə /

  • preposition
  • Used to show the purpose, or need of something


Copy vocabulary

US / fæn /

UK / fæn /

  • noun
  • Thing you wave in front of your face to stay cool
  • Someone who admires a famous person, sport etc.
  • verb
  • To blow air upon a fire to make it stronger
  • To use a device to cool yourself, something


Copy vocabulary

US / hed /

UK / hɛd /

  • noun
  • Counter for the number of cattle
  • Natural mental ability or intelligence
  • Leader or person with the greatest authority
  • Mind; mental ability; mental state
  • Side of a coin with a head on it
  • Top part of your body with eyes and a mouth
  • Starting point of something, e.g. a river
  • verb
  • To hit a ball with your head in a game
  • To be first or at the front or top (e.g. a list)
  • To travel or move toward a particular place; To go in a particular direction
  • To become the leader of something
  • To lead or be responsible for something


Copy vocabulary

US / waɪ /

UK / hwaɪ, waɪ /

  • adverb
  • Question word to ask for a reason
  • exclamation
  • (Used to express surprise or approval)


Copy vocabulary

US / skri:m /

UK / skrim /

  • noun
  • A sudden loud, high-pitched noise
  • verb
  • To make a sudden loud, high sound


Copy vocabulary

US / 'kwestʃən /

UK / ˈkwɛstʃən /

  • noun
  • Issue or problems you are dealing with
  • What you ask about; issue
  • verb
  • To ask for or try to get information
  • To have or express concerns or uncertainty


Copy vocabulary

US / swi:t /

UK / swit /

  • adjecitve
  • Having a gentle, likable nature
  • Making one feel happy, pleased or content
  • Cute in appearance
  • Tasting like sugar; containing sugar
  • noun
  • Piece of candy, or other food containing sugar


Copy vocabulary

US / dʒʌst /

UK / dʒʌst /

  • adjecitve
  • Proper or appropriate; as is deserved
  • Doing or being what is right or fair
  • Legally correct; having enough evidence
  • adverb
  • Almost; nearly
  • Exactly at the time of
  • Exactly (the same as, like)


Copy vocabulary

US / ɑ:sk /

UK / æsk /

  • verb
  • To say to someone that you want something


Copy vocabulary

US / /

UK / /



Copy vocabulary

US / həʊm /

UK / hom /

  • adjecitve
  • A sports team's own field or place of play
  • adverb
  • Into the correct or intended position
  • noun
  • House, apartment or building to be rented or sold
  • Institution for sick or elderly people
  • Place where a person or a family lives
  • Country where a person lives or was born
  • Region that is native to peoples, plant or animals
  • verb
  • To move towards a particular target location


Copy vocabulary

US / 'trɪvɪəm /

UK / 'trɪvɪrm /

  • noun
  • Introductory curriculum at a medieval university involving grammar and logic and rhetoric; considere


Copy vocabulary

US / əˈkrɔs /

UK / əˈkrɔs,əˈkrɑs /

  • adverb
  • Distance from one side to another
  • (Go) from one side to the other of something


Copy vocabulary

US / ˈdenɪm /

UK / ˈdɛnɪm /

  • noun
  • Thick strong cotton cloth often used in jeans


Copy vocabulary

US / jʊ /

UK / ju /

  • pronoun
  • Person someone is speaking or writing to
  • Person or people in general


Copy vocabulary

US / 'ɑ:nsə(r) /

UK / ˈænsɚ /

  • noun
  • Reply to a question someone asks
  • Solution to a problem or test question
  • verb
  • To reply to a question someone asks
  • To solve a test question or a problem


Copy vocabulary

US / ðə /

UK / ðə /

  • article
  • Used to refer to something already mentioned
  • Used to show there is only one of something
  • determiner
  • Used to describe all of a family


Copy vocabulary

US / hæm /

UK / /

  • proper noun
  • An industrial city in northwestern Germany, in North Rhine-Westphalia, on the Lippe River; populatio


Copy vocabulary

US / jes /

UK / jɛs /

  • adverb
  • Way to say you agree or will do something


Copy vocabulary

US / ˈbraɪdzmeɪd /

UK / ˈbraɪdzˌmed /

  • noun
  • Woman who attends the bride at a wedding


Copy vocabulary

US / ˈkʌntri /

UK / ˈkʌntri /

  • noun
  • An area of land that is controlled by a government
  • Open land that is away from towns and cities


Copy vocabulary

US / ˈmu:vi /

UK / ˈmuvi /

  • noun
  • Motion picture; film


Copy vocabulary

US / du: /

UK / dʌ /

  • exclamation
  • Sound make when people think something is stupid


Copy vocabulary

US / ɪgˈzæktli /

UK / ɪɡˈzæktli /

  • adverb
  • No more and no less than; precisely


Copy vocabulary

US / ˈwɪðərˌspun /

UK / ˈwɪðərˌspuːn /



Copy vocabulary

US / 'eɪdʒənt /

UK / ˈedʒənt /

  • noun
  • Chemical with the power to make chemical reactions
  • Person who represents or decides for others
  • A spy; someone who spies on other countries


Copy vocabulary

US / ɑ:ˈselvz /

UK / aʊrˈsɛlvz, ɑr- /

  • pronoun
  • (Showing speaker is affected by their own action)


Copy vocabulary

US / ˌælə'bæmə /

UK / ˌælə'bæmə /

  • noun
  • A member of the Muskhogean people formerly living in what is now the state of Alabama
  • other
  • A state in the southeastern United States on the Gulf of Mexico; one of the Confederate states durin
  • Muskhogean language of the Alabama


Copy vocabulary

US / ʃʊd /

UK / ʃʊd /

  • other
  • Used to indicate what is proper or reasonable


Copy vocabulary

US / ˈkrɪstən /

UK / ˈkrɪstən /



Copy vocabulary

US / lʌk /

UK / lʌk /

  • noun
  • Accidental way things happen, often good things


Copy vocabulary

US / nɒt /

UK / nɑt /

  • adverb
  • Word indicating the negative
  • (Used to form the negative of verbs)


Copy vocabulary

US / stɑ:(r) /

UK / stɑr /

  • noun
  • Very famous person, usually an entertainer
  • Someone who does something very well
  • Your horoscope
  • A bright planet of hot gas in the night sky
  • A 5-6 sided asterisk-shape
  • verb
  • To perform or play a main role in a movie, play
  • To do something very well
  • To mark with a 5-6 sided asterisk-shape


Copy vocabulary

US / bət /

UK / bʌt,bət /

  • conjunction
  • Used before you say something different, opposite
  • Subtitles section
  • I didn't scream at my agents
  • but I had just flown across the country
  • and watched Bridesmaids
  • and I was like, why can't I get a part like Jon Hamm as in Bridesmaids?
  • Hi, I'm Kristen Wiig.
  • And I'm Josh Lucas.
  • We are going to be asking
  • and answering, some trivia questions about ourselves,
  • And head to toe denim, just for you.
  • Exactly, which we did not choose together
  • but we lucked out.
  • In which movie did Josh star along Reese Witherspoon?
  • Sweet Home Alabama, duh.
  • Are you a fan of the movie?
  • I mean, yes, I've seen it.
  • I haven't seen it recently.
  • Should I help?
  • No.
  • You know, my girlfriend's here, right?
  • And she famously is not, she's not not a fan of the movie.
  • She was not a fan of me.
  • She's a Patrick Dempsey complete.
  • She thought it was terrible
  • that I basically ruined their relationship,
  • And so when I met her, I was like, wait, really?
  • She knows it's not.
  • She was like, yeah, I haven't seen it since.
  • So I was like, okay.
  • So when I was like, well, I'm going to watch.
  • Everyone got mad at you.
  • Let's watch this movie together again.
  • And she still said, no
  • I'm still totally a Patrick Dempsey fan.
  • Oh, wow.
  • I, you know, I would love to do a sequel.
  • Reese Witherspoon currently has control of everyone's lives
  • much less mine, so unless she decides to do it
  • I'm waiting on her.
  • Okay, so, what was Kristen's character in Bridesmaid ready to do on the plane,
  • Get drunk, take pills
  • like, I'm not sure ready
  • what it is, but.
  • That's in reference to the line, ready to party.
  • I was ready to party.
  • Oh, okay.
  • And I'm ready to party!
  • That's a tough one.
  • Yeah, but you answered.
  • Boom.
  • Boom.
  • For which TV show did Josh audition for multiple times
  • early in his career?
  • Was it Sofa Bro?
  • Can I give you a hint?
  • Yeah, give me a hint.
  • It's a very New York City show.
  • Sex and the City.
  • Sex and the City.
  • Very good.
  • There it was.
  • Seriously, I auditioned like seven times.
  • Really?
  • Yeah.
  • And like had multiple callbacks and still wouldn't get it.
  • But I guess I wasn't Sex and the City material.
  • Yeah.
  • What year did Kristen first attend the Met Gala?
  • Wow.
  • I have no idea.
  • When was it?
  • I have no idea.
  • You don't even know?
  • Thousand something.
  • Two thousand twelve.
  • Have you been many times?
  • I've been a few times.
  • Did you have any fancy
  • great outfits you wore that you still remember,
  • Yeah, I mean, that's such a fun thing to get.
  • Did you ever do anything like
  • you know, Jared Leto and go as like a bear?
  • No.
  • No, I didn't do that.
  • Well, there's always next year.
  • I got to go to the Met Gala once
  • and was told I would never go again
  • because me and my friend caused so much trouble,
  • What did you do?
  • I was with my buddy Simon Hammerstein
  • who, I don't know if you know
  • but we have the box together
  • and we were just kind of particularly wild that night,
  • You know how they don't feed anybody on purpose so that everyone gets drunk?,
  • We were just badly behaved.
  • I was literally told, Anna Wintour said
  • you will never go back to the Met Gala.
  • I mean, that's kind of cool.
  • I've never been back to the Met Gala.
  • Yeah.
  • I mean.
  • It was a lot of fun, though.
  • That's good.
  • Which two thousand one
  • Best Picture, Oscar winner
  • did Josh appear in?,
  • Wait, hold on.
  • Was it like a military movie?
  • No.
  • Can you give me a hint?
  • Russell Crowe.
  • Gladiator?
  • No.
  • Beautiful Mind.
  • Yes.
  • Yes, Beautiful Mind.
  • Yeah, yeah.
  • It was fun.
  • He terrified me.
  • He was both wonderful and terrifying at the same time.
  • What was the name of the comedy troupe Kristen was in?
  • The Groundlings.
  • Yes!
  • And I would love to know what are your favorite characters from The Groundlings
  • that you took to audition for with SNL,
  • Because you created some there.
  • Penelope?
  • Yes, no.
  • Aunt Linda, who's like the update movie critic, Target lady.
  • And then I did a few sketches throughout that
  • I'd written there, co written there,
  • Is it true you were working as a barista when you got SNL?
  • No, I've never been a barista.
  • Were you working at a coffee shop or something?
  • Nope.
  • Lots of rumors out there.
  • I like that rumor.
  • There are rumors that I worked at a hot dog stand.
  • What were you really doing?
  • You weren't making a living at the groundings.
  • No, I was a server at Universal Studios
  • actually, in the executive dining room.
  • That was one of my many jobs.
  • And I was a floral designer.
  • Wow.
  • And a nanny and lots of stuff.
  • Were you a nanny to anyone famous?
  • Mindy Sterling, shout out to Mindy Sterling.
  • like a pizza sub shop
  • and I had my interview outside
  • and then some guy ran out
  • and then the guy was like
  • we just got robbed,
  • And I ended up working there.
  • I got the job.
  • Okay, on which show did Josh have an onset accident that required surgery?
  • Oh, you told me this story.
  • You were in like a space, it was a space thing.
  • No, it wasn't.
  • Was it a horse?
  • No, it was your back.
  • No, it was a remake of a very terrific Gene Hackman movie.
  • I'm still not going to get it.
  • The Poseidon Adventure.
  • Okay.
  • But you told me the story.
  • Yeah.
  • I was knocked off a wall by a water cannon
  • I was about thirty feet in the air
  • flew backwards, and came down and snapped literally my thumb off my hand,
  • But didn't you… wait, your thumb came off your hand?
  • Literally, it was ripped off.
  • Terrible.
  • I still have the scars, you can see them?
  • Oh my gosh.
  • See the scars?
  • But didn't you also get hurt badly where you like hit your head
  • you hit your head really hard?,
  • Yes, I remember this.
  • Yes, that was not a surgery though
  • but yeah, that was a space movie.
  • Okay, see, I wasn't too far off.
  • I just get hurt on all my movies.
  • I was using a large gas powered wood chipper, basically.
  • Just in your off time.
  • Just in my off time.
  • It takes big pieces of wood and splits them into four
  • and one of them exploded.
  • and came back and hit me right in the face.
  • Oh my gosh.
  • I had a complete reconciliation.
  • It was gone.
  • So you have really been hurt.
  • And the guy said to me
  • I went to this very, very famous fancy doctor in Los Angeles
  • and he said to me, let me show you.
  • I could give you Kevin Costner's nose.
  • I was like, I don't want Kevin Costner's nose.
  • I just want my nose back.
  • He goes, look, Kevin's nose is actually better than yours.
  • He said that?
  • Yeah, and I was like, no man, I want my nose back.
  • And he was like, don't you think we could mix the two
  • like combine them a little bit
  • it'd be perfect for, because I hadn't started shooting the new season yet
  • so yeah,
  • What, insane.
  • So I fought with him, said no
  • I want my nose back, I don't want Kevin's nose.
  • I wonder if Kevin knows his nose.
  • His nose is a little prettier than mine, I gotta say.
  • You have a great nose.
  • You have a beautiful nose.
  • It's got some strength to it.
  • We'll get a close up on that nose later.
  • Gosh, I don't know this one.
  • What was the name of Kristen's tiny hand character on SNL?
  • And the thing is, it's one of the best, and I don't know.
  • I know Penelope's the great twisty hair one.
  • Doonies.
  • Doonies?
  • Dooneese?
  • Did you come up with that name?
  • I don't remember, I don't think so.
  • Dooneese.
  • Yeah, I think that was James Anderson.
  • Do you know anyone named Dooneese?
  • No, no.
  • So not only does she have sad little hands
  • she has kind of a sad
  • strange names.
  • Okay, what two films did Josh star in that have the exact same name?
  • I do understand that you probably know very little about my career
  • and there's very little reason that you would know,
  • Here's a clue.
  • No, that's not true, but I don't know this one.
  • Well, here's a clue.
  • One of them was with your boy, Jon Hamm.
  • For some reason, I have two movies called Stolen.
  • Two.
  • One's with Nicolas Cage
  • and it's just terrible
  • and it's wonderful,
  • I spent the entire time trying to out Nicolas Cage
  • Nicolas Cage.
  • Nicolas Cage gives the only boring performance of his entire career
  • because I was doing Nicolas Cage,
  • And Nicolas Cage was like, you've got the better part, man.
  • And then the other one was with John Hammer.
  • Yeah, it was lovely, actually, that one.
  • Okay.
  • Oh, but here's another part of that.
  • Oh, tell me before I flick.
  • I, before I got this job
  • I didn't scream at my agents
  • but I had just flown across the country to watch Bridesmaids
  • and I was like, why can't I get a part like Jon Hamm has in Bridesmaids?
  • He's like, he's an asshole in the movie.
  • He's like the bad guy.
  • I was like, exactly, but he's in it, and it's a great movie.
  • I want a Jon Hamm, Mad Men part.
  • My agent was like, so
  • that's how it amazingly manifested
  • two weeks later, with this,
  • Oh, that was a terrible throw.
  • Mine went right down.
  • There's a rapid fire round.
  • And it's coming up next.
  • Next is a rapid fire round.
  • Most recent celebrity you met for the first time.
  • I don't understand that question.
  • It's a double question.
  • Margot Robbie.
  • Favorite fashion trend.
  • Denim.
  • Yep.
  • Good answer.
  • Movie you wish to star in.
  • Just a movie that I want to star in?
  • It could be from the past, it could be from the future.
  • It doesn't give me any parameters here.
  • Oh, I want to be in like a space movie.
  • Really?
  • Yeah.
  • What actor are you dying to work with?
  • Again, Russell Crowe.
  • Guy's awesome.
  • Current favorite song?
  • You know what?
  • I've been listening to Welcome to New York by Taylor Swift with my daughter
  • and that's a damn good song,
  • My son would be angry.
  • He's an anti Taylor Swift person.
  • B, do you want your son having millions of people coming after him?
  • He's an eleven year old.
  • He's hardcore.
  • I love Taylor Swift.
  • It's great.
  • Goodbye.
  • Thanks for watching, if you still are.
  • We've had a ball for Harper's Bazaar.
  • Check out our show.
  • Pom Royale.
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  • On Apple TV+.