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Incredible Young Singer Performs 'Never Enough' On Cambodian Idol Junior 2023 | Top Talent

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  • Introduction to Video Content
  • The video titled 'Incredible Young Singer Performs 'Never Enough' On Cambodian Idol Junior 2023' features a remarkable young singer showcasing her talent on the popular talent show. The performance highlights her impressive vocals as she sings the powerful song 'Never Enough' from the movie 'The Greatest Showman.' The subtitles reveal the singer's apprehensions about performing this challenging song and her journey of learning and overcoming her fears. The judge, Lalin, commends the singer's voice and the overall performance, praising her ability to keep up with the musicians and deliver an impressive rendition of the difficult song.
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  • Let It stay this way, can't let this moment end, you said of a dream in me, getting louder, can you hear it's echoing, take my hand, will you share this with me, cause darling without you, All the shine of a thousand spotlights, all the sorrow we see from the night sky, will never be enough,
  • Tower of gold, still too little, this hand could hold the world, but it'll never be enough, Tower of gold, still too little, this hand could hold the world, but it'll never be enough, Normally, this song is sung in a concert hall, if it's an instrument, it's called a group of 30-40 people.
  • If you bring it here and sing it, it's not a symphony, it's just a symphony.
  • How long have you been singing this song?
  • I've been learning.
  • Learning?
  • Yes.
  • Why are you afraid to sing it?
  • I'm afraid of singing.
  • Huh?
  • I'm afraid of singing.
  • You're going to sing for a long time.
  • You don't have to do anything.
  • I'm not afraid of anything.
  • You're going to sing for a whole year.
  • That's right.
  • I'm afraid of singing with this voice.
  • If you're in good health, you'll sing like this.
  • Thank you for coming to see us.
  • Now, please welcome Judge Lalin.
  • Thank you, Judge Sway.
  • Wow.
  • This song makes me feel good.
  • Because this song is from a famous song.
  • I've heard this song before.
  • It's a song that I believe you've all heard.
  • It's called The Greatest Showman.
  • It's a Hollywood song.
  • It was released in 2017.
  • This song also has a lot of famous songs.
  • Such as Never Enough by Lauren Allred.
  • It's very powerful.
  • When I first heard this song, I was like, Oh my God.
  • Why did I choose this song?
  • This song is very difficult.
  • But I saw that Sway's voice was very good.
  • At first, I was a bit nervous.
  • But I was able to catch up with all the musicians.
  • And I was able to sing along.
  • Because I'm a unique kid when it comes to singing in English.
  • I'm not used to it.
  • Because it's a language that we're trying to learn.
  • And we have to learn it in Cambodia.
  • English is an international language.
  • So when you're learning English, When you're speaking English, And in the future, When you go abroad, You have to be prepared.
  • And I want you to learn English a lot.
  • And not just learn, You have to learn a lot.
  • When you learn English a lot, You have a good voice like this.
  • I believe that you will have a good future With a language like English.
  • Thank you.
  • Sway did very well in Never Enough.
  • I'm trying to hold my breath also.
  • During your singing.
  • I hold my breath too.
  • When I sing this song, I hold my breath too.
  • I wish Sway a lot of success in the future.
  • Thank you.
  • Thank you.
  • Thank you, Ms. Nisa.
  • Thank you, Mr. Sway.
  • As for the song that you sang, It was very powerful.
  • It was very powerful.
  • But the sound of the song And the way you sang it Was very good.
  • You sang it very clearly.
  • And it was very difficult.
  • You know it.
  • And from one part to the other, There was no space to breathe.
  • The reason why I chose this song Was because of you.
  • It was very difficult.
  • But Sway did it very well.
  • Thank you.
  • It was a short time.
  • But Sway was able to catch up.
  • He knew all the details.
  • Like the way you sang it.
  • You did it very well.
  • Before, it was very difficult.
  • Now, let's see if you can do it again.
  • Now, I'm very happy I'm very happy that you did it so well.
  • Congratulations to you.
  • And I believe that you will continue To the next week.
  • Thank you very much.
  • Thank you, Mr. Sway.
  • Sway, When you sang this song, It was very good.
  • Because it was a powerful song.
  • But Sway did it very well.
  • Congratulations.
  • Sway's English pronunciation Was very powerful.
  • I believe that Sway will continue To the next live show.
  • Thank you very much.
  • Thank you very much To all three of you For coming tonight.
  • I would like to remind you That for Sway, There are only 8 votes.
  • If you like Sway's performance, Don't miss the next live show.
  • Good luck, Sway.
  • Thank you very much.
  • Give it up for Sway.