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Noah Kahan Gets Ready for the Grammys | Vanity Fair

Video vocabulary


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US / ˈbɒrəʊ /

UK / ˈbɑ:roʊ /

  • verb
  • To take and later return something from another
  • To carry one number to another column when adding


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US / i:tʃ /

UK / itʃ /

  • determiner
  • Every one of two or more things
  • pronoun
  • Per one person or thing


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US / ðen /

UK / ðɛn /

  • adverb
  • A time that is not now
  • Following another thing in time or arrangement
  • Following on reasonably from what was just stated
  • At that time, not now


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US / 'teɪlə(r) /

UK / ˈtelɚ /

  • noun
  • Person who makes men's clothes by hand
  • verb
  • To make or alter to fit a certain purpose


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US / raɪt /

UK / raɪt /

  • adjecitve
  • Correct or true
  • The south side of you looking at the rising sun
  • adverb
  • Exactly in a place or time
  • Being appropriate for a particular event
  • In a straight or direct manner
  • noun
  • Something you are legally or morally allowed to do
  • Ideal of what is just and good
  • Political view based on conservatism
  • verb
  • To fix something previously wrong or unjust
  • To make upright, as a boat that has turned over


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US / fʌn /

UK / fʌn /

  • adjecitve
  • Amusing and enjoyable
  • noun
  • Enjoyable or amusing quality or feeling


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US / ˈevriweə(r) /

UK / ˈevriwer /

  • adverb
  • Every place


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US / wi:k /

UK / wik /

  • noun
  • Period of seven days from Sunday to Saturday


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US / mɒm /

UK / mɑ:m /

  • noun
  • A slang term for mother


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US / 'pi:pl /

UK / ˈpipəl /

  • noun
  • Persons sharing culture, country, background, etc.
  • Men, Women, Children


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US / laɪk /

UK / laɪk /

  • adjecitve
  • Being equal in status or kind to something else
  • Similar; the same
  • adverb
  • For example
  • preposition
  • Used as a filler; used to ad emphasis
  • In a way similar to the way something is done
  • Such as; for example
  • verb
  • To want to
  • To find something pleasing; to prefer something


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US / ɡet /

UK / ɡɛt /

  • verb
  • To become affected by illness or disease
  • To begin to feel or understand an emotion or idea
  • To send or bring someone or something home, etc.
  • To go somewhere to obtain something
  • To (cause to) do a particular thing
  • To obtain, receive or be given something
  • To currently have
  • To prepare for use
  • To understand something being said or read


Copy vocabulary

US / heə(r) /

UK / her /

  • noun
  • Long thin strands growing on your head or body
  • Short distance; a very small amount


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US / ɡaɪ /

UK / ɡaɪ /

  • noun
  • Man; boy; any person


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US / bæk /

UK / bæk /

  • adjecitve
  • Farthest from the front e.g. in a classroom
  • adverb
  • Have returned to a place you were before
  • noun
  • The part of a chair that the upper body leans upon
  • Location at the rear of something
  • The reverse of side something
  • Area on the rear of your body
  • verb
  • To bet money on something
  • To go backwards in a car
  • To support and encourage someone or some cause


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US / ənd /

UK / ənd, ən,ænd /

  • conjunction
  • Used to refer to two or more things
  • Plus; in addition; on top of that
  • Used to introduce an action that follows another


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US / pʊt /

UK / pʊt /

  • phrasal verb
  • to make a light stop shining by pressing or moving a switch
  • verb
  • To move or place a thing in a particular position
  • To rate something in importance or value
  • To write or say something in a certain manner


Copy vocabulary

US / dʒɔɪn /

UK / dʒɔɪn /

  • verb
  • To bring something close to another, to become one
  • To become a member of
  • To participate in an activity with others


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US / ɪˌlu:mɪ'nɑ:tɪ /

UK / ɪˌluməˈnɑti /

  • adjecitve
  • People who know


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US / kəmˈpli:tli /

UK / kəmˈpliːtli /

  • adverb
  • In every way or as much as possible


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US / kli:n /

UK / klin /

  • adjecitve
  • Not marked in any way; blank
  • Done according to the rules or standards; fair
  • Free from disease or sickness
  • Being free from dirt or marks; washed
  • Behaving well; not breaking any rules; legal
  • adverb
  • Completely; entirely
  • verb
  • To make free from dirt or marks; washed
  • To make neat and orderly e.g. a room
  • To remove the inner parts of an animal


Copy vocabulary

US / ˈtʃɒklət /

UK / ˈtʃɑ:klət /

  • adjecitve
  • Being made from cocoa beans
  • noun
  • Hard brown candy made from cocoa beans


Copy vocabulary

US / heɪ /

UK / he /

  • exclamation
  • What you say when you want someone's attention


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US / ki:p /

UK / kip /

  • noun
  • Large, strong tower in the middle of a castle
  • Money spent on you so you can live in a place
  • verb
  • To continue doing something; not to stop
  • To stop balls going in a goal in sports
  • To not give back or return something
  • (Of food) to not spoil or not rot
  • To take possession of something to own, e.g. a pet
  • To have and continue to hold something
  • To do something that you have promised or agreed
  • To stay in a certain place or condition
  • To maintain the rules


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US / məʊst /

UK / most /

  • adverb
  • Very; extremely
  • Greatest possible degree
  • pronoun
  • Nearly all of something


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US / hæŋ /

UK / hæŋ /

  • verb
  • To attach a picture, photograph etc. onto a wall
  • To float, move softly, or remain in the air
  • To kill by putting a rope around neck and dropping
  • To remain undecided, unsolved or unclear


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US / su:t /

UK / sut /

  • noun
  • Set of clothes including jacket and pants or skirt
  • Law case involving a claim of some kind
  • Set of playing cards such as hearts or diamonds
  • verb
  • To be appropriate for a given situation
  • (Of clothes) to look good on someone


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US / kʌm /

UK / kʌm /

  • verb
  • To arrive at a place
  • (Of mail) to be delivered
  • To move toward someone; go with someone
  • To reach a certain point or state


Copy vocabulary

US / 'enɪ /

UK / ˈɛni /

  • adjecitve
  • One, or some, no matter which
  • pronoun
  • One (thing) of many; some


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US / aʊt /

UK / aʊt /

  • adverb
  • No longer stylish (e.g. fashion)
  • Away from home, business, or the usual place
  • In a direction/movement away from inside or center
  • noun
  • Act when a batter cannot continue playing
  • verb
  • To tell people a secret


Copy vocabulary

US / ˈwedɪŋ /

UK / ˈwɛdɪŋ /

  • noun
  • A marriage of two people
  • verb
  • To combine and join two things together as one


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US / deɪ /

UK / de /

  • noun
  • A period of 24 hours beginning at midnight
  • The period of time when it is light outside
  • Person's name


Copy vocabulary

US / ˈɒbviəsli /

UK / ˈɑːbviəsli /

  • adverb
  • In a way that is obvious/easy to see or understand


Copy vocabulary

US / traɪ /

UK / traɪ /

  • noun
  • Act of putting the ball over the rugby goal line
  • verb
  • To make an effort, to attempt to do something
  • To examine someone or something in a court of law
  • To test to see if it is good or you like it
  • To make a person go through hardship; test
  • To examine something to see if it works


Copy vocabulary

US / nju: /

UK / nu, nju /

  • adjecitve
  • Not old, recently born, built or made
  • Being or doing something for the first time
  • Not felt, seen or known previously
  • Having been recently bought or obtained


Copy vocabulary

US / lu:z /

UK / luz /

  • verb
  • To be unable to keep in check or control something
  • To decrease in value or quantity (e.g. weight)
  • To stop having certain qualities or abilities
  • To stop having or being entitled to
  • To fail to win something that is being contested
  • To be unable to find something you once had
  • To be dependent on someone (used with 'not')


Copy vocabulary

US / ˈaɪðə(r) /

UK / ˈiðɚ, ˈaɪðɚ /

  • adjecitve
  • One of two (used when there is a choice of two)
  • adverb
  • (After negative statements) likewise, in addition
  • conjunction
  • Used as the first of two connected things
  • determiner
  • Used as the first of two connected things
  • pronoun
  • The one or the other


Copy vocabulary

US / wɪl /

UK / wɪl /

  • noun
  • Desire or choice of someone
  • Document saying who gets your money when you die
  • Strong desire to do something; determination
  • Desire to do something; strong wish to do
  • other
  • Used with verbs to express the future
  • verb
  • To leave property to someone after your death
  • To use mental effort to make something happen
  • Am (is, are) likely to do
  • To influence someone to do something
  • To make something happen by strongly wanting it


Copy vocabulary

US / ˈbevəli /

UK / ˈbɛvəli /

  • proper noun
  • An industrial and resort city in northeastern Massachusetts; population 39,343 (est. 2008).


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US / 'ɔ:lweɪz /

UK / ˈɔlwez,-wɪz,-wiz /

  • adverb
  • For a very long time
  • At all times; in every situation
  • For ever


Copy vocabulary

US / 'strɔ:bərɪ /

UK / ˈstrɔˌbɛri /

  • noun
  • Sweet fleshy red fruit


Copy vocabulary

US / fi:l /

UK / fil /

  • verb
  • To be aware of or experience an emotion, sensation
  • To sense through direct contact; touch


Copy vocabulary

US / sɔ:t /

UK / sɔrt /

  • noun
  • Group or class of similar things or people
  • verb
  • To organize things by putting them into groups
  • To deal with things in an organized way


Copy vocabulary

US / ʃæmˈpeɪn /

UK / ʃæmˈpen /

  • noun
  • French sparkling drink used for celebrations


Copy vocabulary

US / jʊ /

UK / ju /

  • pronoun
  • Person someone is speaking or writing to
  • Person or people in general


Copy vocabulary

US / 'skʌrɪ /

UK / ˈskə:ri, ˈskʌri /



Copy vocabulary

US / rʌn /

UK / rʌn /

  • noun
  • Journey between two places made by ship or car
  • Series of similar things or successes and failures
  • Act of running; exercise of running
  • verb
  • To depart or travel according to a schedule
  • To cause an animal to move in a certain direction
  • (Of an engine) to be operating
  • To start or use a computer program
  • To flow in a certain direction, like a liquid
  • To manage or operate a business
  • To operate or drive something
  • (Of a road) to go from one place to another
  • To move your legs faster than walking


Copy vocabulary

US / meɪk /

UK / mek /

  • noun
  • Product made by a particular company; brand
  • verb
  • To arrange or prepare something e.g. dinner
  • To get to (a place) on time
  • To gain the status of (teacher, lawyer, etc.)
  • To create something by putting things together
  • To earn a certain amount of money at a job
  • To cause or force a person to do something
  • To cause something to happen or be formed


Copy vocabulary

US / 'spɔ:tɪv /

UK / 'spɔ:tɪv /



Copy vocabulary

US / ðɪs /

UK / ðɪs /

  • adjecitve
  • Used to indicate something already been discussed
  • Used to indicate something happening around now
  • adverb
  • An indication by a physical motion or gesture
  • A specific amount of
  • determiner
  • Person, thing, or idea near you
  • pronoun
  • Person, thing that has already been discussed


Copy vocabulary

US / 'redɪ /

UK / ˈrɛdi /

  • adjecitve
  • Being likely or about to do something
  • Being willing to do a task
  • verb
  • To prepare something for use or action


Copy vocabulary

US / θri: /

UK / θri /

  • number
  • Number 3


Copy vocabulary

US / 'əʊpən /

UK / ˈopən /

  • adjecitve
  • Available for use; accessible
  • Not being hidden; available for others to see
  • Being available for customers to enter or use
  • Allowing everyone to use or take part in
  • Not secret anymore
  • Not closed or shut
  • Willing to accept new ideas and thoughts
  • noun
  • Name for a tennis or golf competition
  • verb
  • To make accessible or able to be used, e.g. road
  • To start the activities or services of a business
  • To make a space or hole appear in something
  • To move or change so that it is no longer closed
  • To start something, e.g. a new business


Copy vocabulary

US / wʌn /

UK / wʌn /

  • pronoun
  • You; we; people in general; someone
  • The thing or person previously referred to
  • adjecitve
  • Used to refer to people generally
  • Being a strong example of (something mentioned)
  • number
  • Number 1


Copy vocabulary

US / 'ʌðə(r) /

UK / ˈʌðər /

  • adjecitve
  • A thing different from that mentioned
  • determiner
  • (Something) else; not the first (one)
  • pronoun
  • Being the one and only thing of that category


Copy vocabulary

US / 'feɪməs /

UK / ˈfeməs /

  • adjecitve
  • Excellent
  • Widely known; recognized by many people


Copy vocabulary

US / feə(r) /

UK / fɛr /

  • adjecitve
  • Neither very good nor very bad; average
  • (Of skin) light colored; not dark
  • Quite good; quite a lot
  • Treating all people the same way
  • (Of hair) light colored; blonde
  • (Of weather) sunny; not raining
  • noun
  • Event for companies to show their products
  • Event to sell things to help a charity


Copy vocabulary

US / ɔ:lˈraɪt /

UK / ɔlˈraɪt /

  • adjecitve
  • OK; fine; good


Copy vocabulary

US / ðə /

UK / ðə /

  • article
  • Used to refer to something already mentioned
  • Used to show there is only one of something
  • determiner
  • Used to describe all of a family


Copy vocabulary

US / 'pɜ:sn /

UK / 'pɜ:rsn /

  • noun
  • Man, woman or child


Copy vocabulary

US / let /

UK / lɛt /

  • verb
  • To allow someone to do something
  • Introducing a suggestion to do something together
  • To rent a house, etc. to others


Copy vocabulary

US / fɪt /

UK / fɪt /

  • adjecitve
  • Good looking; physically attractive
  • Proper or acceptable; morally or socially correct
  • noun
  • Sudden loss of body control; attack (of crying)
  • verb
  • To install a machine, equipment etc.
  • To adjust or change to the right size or shape
  • To be the right size and shape that you want


Copy vocabulary

US / ˈɛliət /

UK / ˈeliət /



Copy vocabulary

US / hɪl /

UK / hɪl /

  • noun
  • High land not as high as a mountain
  • Where the road or land goes upward; slope
  • Person's name


Copy vocabulary

US / ðɛː /

UK / ðer /

  • determiner
  • Belonging to them


Copy vocabulary

US / ˈjestədeɪ /

UK / ˈjestərdeɪ /

  • adverb
  • Day before today
  • noun
  • Day before today


Copy vocabulary

US / 'deɪvɪs /

UK / 'devɪs /

  • proper noun
  • An academic and agricultural city in north central California, west of Sacramento; population 62,593


Copy vocabulary

US / brɪŋ /

UK / brɪŋ /

  • verb
  • To take or go with someone to a place


Copy vocabulary

US / ˈɑ:tɪst /

UK / ˈɑrtɪst /

  • noun
  • A person skilled and creative in art e.g. painter


Copy vocabulary

US / ɡ'læm /

UK / ɡ'læm /

  • adjecitve
  • Shortened form of 'glamorous'


Copy vocabulary

US / naɪs /

UK / naɪs /

  • adjecitve
  • Being attractive or of high quality or value
  • Good or enjoyable
  • Being kind or friendly


Copy vocabulary

US / lʊk /

UK / lʊk /

  • noun
  • Person's beauty or physical attractiveness
  • Particular style of dress, clothes, or appearance
  • The way someone, something appears to be
  • Act of searching for or examining something
  • verb
  • To appear to be; seem


Copy vocabulary

US / pɪn /

UK / pɪn /

  • noun
  • A piece of jewelry worn pinned to clothes
  • Short for Personal Information Number
  • Small thin thing with a sharp point, for attaching
  • verb
  • To hold someone down so that they can't move
  • To fasten things together using a sharp point


Copy vocabulary

US / hu: /

UK / hu /

  • pronoun
  • Which person
  • Used to introduce information about people


Copy vocabulary

US / rɪ'tɜ:n /

UK / rɪ'tɜ:rn /

  • adjecitve
  • Do again; repeated
  • noun
  • Faulty or unwanted product sent back to a company
  • Enter key; the main key on the computer keyboard
  • Profit made as a result of a business activity
  • Process of going back to a previous way or state
  • verb
  • To hit something back to the other player or team
  • To come back after being away from somewhere
  • To repay someone's actions, kindness etc.
  • To put, bring, take, give, or send something back
  • To occur again


Copy vocabulary

US / ɔ:l /

UK / ɔl /

  • adverb
  • Completely; totally
  • determiner
  • Being every one of something
  • pronoun
  • 100% of something; the complete amount


Copy vocabulary

US / sli:p /

UK / slip /

  • noun
  • Substance in a person's eyes after waking up
  • Period of time during which a person is asleep
  • verb
  • To have enough beds for
  • To rest your body in bed, as at night time


Copy vocabulary

US / 'verɪ /

UK / ˈvɛri /

  • adjecitve
  • Concerning a large degree or amount
  • adverb
  • A lot; much; many
  • Used to stress or emphasize a noun


Copy vocabulary

US / ðeɪ /

UK / ðe /

  • pronoun
  • Two or more people, animals, or things


Copy vocabulary

US / 'evrɪθɪŋ /

UK / ˈɛvriˌθɪŋ /

  • pronoun
  • All of the things mentioned


Copy vocabulary

US / 'hɪlbɪlɪ /

UK / ˈhɪlˌbɪli /



Copy vocabulary

US / ɡʊd /

UK / ɡʊd /

  • adjecitve
  • Proper, appropriate or right
  • (Of an amount) enough; plenty
  • Excellent; high quality
  • Acting well or properly; of moral character
  • In a positive or happy emotional state
  • noun
  • Advantage or benefit


Copy vocabulary

US / bət /

UK / bʌt,bət /

  • conjunction
  • Used before you say something different, opposite


Copy vocabulary

US / spaɪs /

UK / spaɪs /

  • noun
  • Plant used for making food sweet or hot-tasting
  • verb
  • To add chili, etc. to food to improve its taste


Copy vocabulary

US / wʊd /

UK / wʊd /

  • other
  • Used to indicate something imagined
  • Used to ask or request something politely
  • Verb used to indicate possibility, request etc.
  • Used to indicate a preference
  • Used to indicate a reaction
  • Indicates something that occurred repeatedly
  • Used to indicate willingness or ability to do


Copy vocabulary

US / 'wɔ:təpru:f /

UK / ˈwɔtɚˌpruf, ˈwɑtə- /

  • adjecitve
  • That keeps water out, as of clothes
  • Resistant to water entering
  • verb
  • To make resistant to water entering


Copy vocabulary

US / ˈri:əli /

UK / ˈriəˌli, ˈrili /

  • adverb
  • Used to stress something that is said; definitely
  • In a true or accurate manner
  • Very


Copy vocabulary

US / ˈfeɪvə(r) /

UK / ˈfevɚ /

  • noun
  • What someone asks of you; helpful act; a kindness
  • verb
  • To prefer or promote over another


Copy vocabulary

US / kæn /

UK / kən,kæn /

  • noun
  • A metal container for storing food
  • other
  • Able to; have the skill to; have the time to
  • verb
  • To have permission to
  • To be possible to do
  • To preserve food by sealing it in a metal container


Copy vocabulary

US / 'vænətɪ /

UK / ˈvænɪti /

  • noun
  • When you are too proud of your appearance/ability


Copy vocabulary

US / 'ɔ:səm /

UK / ˈɔsəm /

  • adjecitve
  • Great; wonderful; stupendous


Copy vocabulary

US / stʌf /

UK / stʌf /

  • noun
  • Generic description for things, materials, objects
  • verb
  • To push material inside something, with force


Copy vocabulary

US / maɪˈself /

UK / maɪˈsɛlf /

  • pronoun
  • The same person who did the action mentioned
  • My regular, usual, or healthy self


Copy vocabulary

US / dres /

UK / drɛs /

  • noun
  • Women's garment with a top part and a skirt
  • Clothing suitable for a time period or occasion
  • verb
  • To prepare food (e.g. salad) before cooking or eating
  • To decorate something for display e.g. a mannequin
  • To put clothes on
  • To clean, care for and apply a cover to a wound


Copy vocabulary

US / 'nevə(r) /

UK / ˈnɛvɚ /

  • adverb
  • Not ever; not at any time


Copy vocabulary

US / dʒʌst /

UK / dʒʌst /

  • adjecitve
  • Proper or appropriate; as is deserved
  • Doing or being what is right or fair
  • Legally correct; having enough evidence
  • adverb
  • Almost; nearly
  • Exactly at the time of
  • Exactly (the same as, like)


Copy vocabulary

US / taɪm /

UK / taɪm /

  • noun
  • Speed at which music is played; tempo
  • Point as shown on a clock, e.g. 3 p.m
  • Number of hours, minutes needed to do something
  • Occasion when something happens
  • Period or occasion that something occurred
  • Period in history or the past
  • Something measured in minutes, hours, days, etc.
  • How long an event takes; duration
  • verb
  • To check speed at which music is performed
  • To choose a specific moment to do something
  • To measure how long an event takes, e.g. a race
  • To schedule something to occur at a specific moment


Copy vocabulary

US / fə(r) /

UK / fɔr,fə /

  • preposition
  • Used to show the purpose, or need of something


Copy vocabulary

US / əˈtræktɪv /

UK / əˈtræktɪv /

  • adjecitve
  • Making you like them, as by being good-looking


Copy vocabulary

US / ku:l /

UK / kul /

  • adjecitve
  • Steady and calm when facing difficulties
  • Almost cold; not warm or hot
  • Smart or stylish in a way (young) people admire
  • Unfriendly in an indirect way; distant
  • verb
  • To make something decrease in temperature
  • (Of an emotion, etc.) to become less strongly felt


Copy vocabulary

US / wɪð /

UK / wɪð, wɪθ /

  • preposition
  • As an employee of a certain company
  • Against something or someone
  • By using something as a means
  • Due to; because of
  • Including
  • Possessing as a feature
  • Related to
  • (Of the manner/attitude by which you do something)
  • Used to express that people or things are together


Copy vocabulary

US / aɪs /

UK / aɪs /

  • noun
  • Frozen gas or liquid, esp. water
  • Sweet food made of frozen cream, or juices
  • verb
  • To make something cold by putting on frozen water
  • To spread a sweet and creamy substance on a cake


Copy vocabulary

US / ˈgræmi /

UK / ˈgræmi /

  • noun
  • Annual awards for musicians


Copy vocabulary

US / lɑ:st /

UK / læst /

  • adjecitve
  • Most recent; the latest
  • The one before
  • adverb
  • Final; with nothing following; after all others
  • Most recent; the latest
  • determiner
  • The one at the end
  • verb
  • To remain or continue for a certain period of time


Copy vocabulary

US / həv /

UK / hæv /

  • verb
  • To drink, smoke, eat or use something
  • To experience the effects of something
  • To organize an event, or join in an activity
  • To own, possess, or hold something
  • To cause to happen or produce a particular effect


Copy vocabulary

US / ˌkri:eɪ'tɪvətɪ /

UK / ˌkrieˈtɪvətɪ /

  • noun
  • Ability to imagine new ideas


Copy vocabulary

US / 'kʌvə(r) /

UK / ˈkʌvɚ /

  • noun
  • A different version of another song
  • Bed sheets; blankets
  • (Police or military) protection from attack
  • Amount of money to be paid in an insurance claim
  • Thing you put over something to close or hide it
  • Front and back part of a book or magazine
  • Shelter built to protect from the natural elements
  • verb
  • To record a different version of another song
  • To include as part of its area
  • To put something over something to hide it
  • To discuss a subject in a talk or meeting
  • To form a layer over something so it is hidden
  • To have sufficient funds to pay for something
  • To include something within an agreed limit
  • To report news on TV, radio or in a newspaper
  • (Police or military) to protect from attack
  • To travel a certain distance in a given time
  • To wrap something with something, such as a cloth


Copy vocabulary

US / skwɒd /

UK / skwɑ:d /

  • noun
  • A sports team


Copy vocabulary

US / weə(r) /

UK / wer /

  • noun
  • Clothing designed for a purpose e.g. skiing
  • Damage from continual use over a long period
  • verb
  • To have clothes, glasses, shoes etc. on your body
  • To display an expression or emotion on the face
  • To become weaker or damaged from continued use


Copy vocabulary

US / nəʊ /

UK / noʊ /

  • verb
  • To be familiar with a person or place, thing
  • To feel sure or be convinced about something
  • To discover or be aware of something
  • To be able to distinguish
  • To have knowledge of things


Copy vocabulary

US / fʌk /

UK / fʌk /

  • noun
  • Vulgar term used as an intensifier
  • verb
  • (Vulgar) To have sex with someone


Copy vocabulary

US / ɪnˈdʒɔɪ /

UK / ɛnˈdʒɔɪ /

  • verb
  • To take pleasure in something


Copy vocabulary

US / kəd /

UK / kʊd /

  • other
  • Past form of 'can' to mean have ability
  • Used to ask for something politely, or to offer


Copy vocabulary

US / ˈprɒbləm /

UK / ˈprɑbləm /

  • adjecitve
  • Causing trouble
  • noun
  • Something difficult to deal with or causes trouble
  • Question to show understanding of a math concept
  • Introduction to Video Content
  • Noah Kahan, the rising musician, prepares for the Grammy Awards in this episode of Vanity Fair's video series. In the video, Noah talks about his experience wearing a tuxedo for the first time and how he usually borrows his friend's dad's suit for special occasions. He expresses his excitement about finally feeling like he fits into the tailored tuxedo he will be wearing to the Grammys.Noah shares a fun anecdote about a recent event at the Beverly Hills Hilton where he found himself surrounded by chocolate-covered strawberries, causing him to lose focus on his need for sleep. He mentions his recent performances at the Spotify Best New Artist Party and the Clive Davis event, where he had the opportunity to open for Ice Spice and trade performances with her.Noah is amazed by the number of famous people he has encountered at these events and jokes about the possibility of joining the Illuminati. He mentions that he has no expectations for the Grammy Awards and is simply looking forward to having fun and spending the day with his mom. The video also introduces Amanda and Elliot, Noah's glam team, who are responsible for making him look attractive and ensuring that his hair is waterproof despite the rainy weather.Overall, the video provides a behind-the-scenes look into Noah Kahan's preparation for the Grammys and gives viewers a glimpse into his experiences leading up to the event. The article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the video's content and highlights the key moments and themes discussed by Noah throughout the video.
  • Subtitles section
  • I'd never worn a tux, and I've been to like three weddings
  • and I always borrow my friend's dad's suit
  • and it's like never really fits
  • and so it was nice to like feel like I fit
  • and everything it looked like.
  • It was tailored, right?
  • Hey Vanity Fair.
  • Come on in.
  • I'm Noah Kahn.
  • We're gonna get ready for the Grammys together.
  • Come on.
  • Yesterday I had the most champagne problem of all time.
  • I was at the Beverly Hills Hilton for the Clive Davis thing
  • and I really needed to sleep
  • but the people kept bringing in chocolate covered strawberries
  • and so I was like, can you guys stop bringing in chocolate covered stuff?
  • I'm trying to sleep, and I felt like
  • I just lost myself completely in all this,
  • We did the Spotify Best New Artist Party.
  • I opened up for Ice Spice, which was really fun.
  • And then we did Clive Davis yesterday
  • and Ice Spice opened up for me
  • so we were just trading
  • returning each other the favors.
  • But it was awesome, and so cool
  • and there's all these sorts of famous people running around,
  • Like everywhere you looked, it was a famous person.
  • It was so cool.
  • If there was any night for me to join the Illuminati
  • it would have been last night.
  • I fucked up.
  • And today, obviously, we got the Grammys
  • and no expectations,
  • Just gonna have some fun
  • and hang out with my mom for the day
  • and just, you know, enjoy it
  • because who knows when I'll be back.
  • Alright, let's get ready.
  • Alright, this is Amanda and Elliot.
  • Glam Squad.
  • They've been putting pins in my hair and dressing me up.
  • making me look attractive all week.
  • I'm just a vessel for their creativity.
  • You could either do like a clean one
  • which could be nice because your shoot's very clean
  • and it's gonna rain, so I need to like waterproof you
  • so your hair doesn't explode,
  • Okay.
  • We could do a clean bun
  • or we could do a double messy bun
  • or just a messy bun.
  • I feel like I can't be the one that decides.
  • I need to learn how to do my own bun
  • because I don't know how,
  • I can teach you.
  • I was always the kid in school with a backpack that had papers exploding out of it.
  • Every year, every teacher thought they could fix that
  • and they couldn't.
  • I could teach you to do it your way.
  • I also couldn't tie my shoes until I was too old.
  • On stage, when I can't tie my shoes
  • when my shoes come untied
  • I have to turn around.
  • I can't let the crowd see.
  • And, I have my band play really loud
  • so that they can't focus on looking at me,
  • I got up at six thirty.
  • I had a dream I died in a plane crash.
  • And then I got up and couldn't go back to sleep.
  • And then I watched Chelsea.
  • They lost.
  • And so, I woke up at six thirty
  • and then went to get a massage,
  • and, uh, they had like this red light sauna blanket thing
  • and it was like so hot and so heavy
  • and like, but I'm like so afraid of like saying anything that I to them
  • as he was like him thinking that I don't like what he's doing
  • so I like didn't tell him that I really
  • really didn't like it
  • and it was like I literally thought I was like being buried alive
  • it was awful, he had like my head in his hands
  • I'm like if I say he doesn't like it then he's gonna like fucking snap my neck or something
  • but, uh, yeah, it was a good morning
  • and now I'm here, I'm a little hung over because I
  • Had a couple drinks at Clive Davis last night.
  • And nowadays, I can drink like two glasses of wine
  • and be like violently hungover.
  • Obviously I didn't just drink two glasses of wine
  • but that could have happened.
  • Probably red carpet stuff.
  • I feel very uncomfortable in those situations.
  • So, that's usually like
  • the part that I'm like
  • least comfortable in,.
  • I don't particularly like, I don't mind it.
  • Like it's definitely not like something that I'm like afraid of
  • but,
  • I just feel like everything besides playing music and making music does not come naturally to me at all.
  • This is our robot friend that talks to us in the morning.
  • Yeah, sometimes it says intrusive thoughts.
  • When I found out I got the nomination
  • I was in Leeds, England.
  • before a show and it was like our smallest show.
  • And then they said my name
  • and I like lost my mind
  • and like jumped around,
  • I went through every human emotion.
  • I called my mom first
  • and we just like screamed into the phone,
  • And then I saw that Gracie got nominated
  • so I called her, and we screamed into the phone,
  • I was calling everybody I knew really.
  • I called the person I made my first song ever with
  • my first like produced song ever with.
  • And you want to tell them
  • because you're so excited
  • that they played a part in this cool moment,
  • My date's my mom.
  • I promised her, well, she made me promise when I was like
  • thirteen that if I ever went to the Grammys
  • I had to bring her.
  • I'm gonna let Elliot tell you what I'm wearing
  • because I don't really know what it's all called
  • but she did a great job
  • let me tell them.
  • Tonight, we went with just this classic Tom Sweeney tuxedo.
  • Dark midnight blue shirt and bow tie.
  • Allen Edmonds black patent leather loafers.
  • Panerai watch.
  • I've never worn a tux
  • and I've been to like three weddings
  • and I always borrow my friend's dad's suit
  • and it's like never really fits
  • and so I've never like had a fitting outfit really in my life
  • so it was nice to like feel like I fit
  • and everything it like looked like it's like it was tailored
  • right?
  • Yep we had it tailored.
  • Ready?
  • Yes.
  • Mommy!
  • I'm so excited.
  • You look so good.
  • I look like a mermaid, don't I?
  • You look beautiful.
  • Oh my god, you look so pretty.
  • This is my mom, Lori Birkenkamp.
  • Hi.
  • And she is looking stunning.
  • And we're going to hit the red carpet tonight.
  • She's my Grammy date.
  • I booked my date with him fifteen years ago
  • so I feel like I got right in under the wire.
  • She RSVP'd very early.
  • Yeah.
  • A little too early for my taste.
  • I'm from Vermont, we do everything early.
  • We're on time and we leave early.
  • That's right.
  • Oh my god, Joni Mitchell's gonna be there.
  • Oh my god.
  • That for me is like, I can't wait.
  • I'm gonna fangirl.
  • Oh, Brandi Carlile also.
  • She's... Oh, my mom loves Brandi Carlile.
  • Oh my god.
  • And I talked to Brandi Carlile
  • I was like, my mom loves you.
  • She's like, I wanna come to Vermont
  • and come fishing with your mom,
  • Oh, we could.
  • I stocked my pond.
  • I was like, you're supposed to be my friend, Brandi.
  • Oh, dad's calling me.
  • I'm going to take it real quick.
  • Hey, daddy.
  • Yeah, I'm with mom now.
  • She just got her makeup done.
  • She looks beautiful.
  • Hi, Joshy.
  • Mom says hi.
  • Are you going to stay up and watch it?
  • I'll watch it on YouTube tomorrow.
  • Well, at least watch it until my award.
  • I love you, dad.
  • I'll see you.
  • We'll talk tomorrow.
  • I'm so excited my kids are here.
  • No, you look great they know I'm voting for yeah, I
  • That's biased.
  • We're in this cool tux situation.
  • Dude, I heard Green Day last night.
  • I met Green Day.
  • So sick.
  • I met Flava Flav.
  • Oh, word.
  • Did you see the big clock around him?
  • He had a big clock on him.
  • Did he really?
  • He really did.
  • I'm gonna go get into my Grammys outfit
  • but I'll see you guys in a few.
  • I'll be back.
  • Feeling good.
  • I feel like I look very cool
  • like a young Keanu, That's what we were going for
  • My siblings have got me watches
  • but they always give them to me without them being fit for my wrists
  • I've never had my own watch
  • It is glam o'clock.
  • Glam hour.
  • It is two o three.
  • Is this set right?
  • Probably not.
  • You gotta get your cufflinks.
  • Yeah, there's a little diamond where Strafford is to remind him of all his friends back home.
  • Yeah.
  • I've never had cufflinks before.
  • Or never worn cufflinks before.
  • The final touch.
  • The movie star moment.
  • I'll do a little reveal for you guys.
  • Do you feel comfortable?
  • I feel very comfortable.
  • It's really cozy.
  • It's, like, warm.
  • Good.
  • Oh, that's good.
  • Thank you, Mommy.
  • Yeah, you do look so good.
  • Thank you.
  • Oh, thank you, guys.
  • Love you guys.
  • You look awesome.
  • Oh, wait, I can't cry because I don't know how to do it.
  • You look really famous.
  • Mom, don't cry.
  • Your makeup just finished.
  • I know, I know.
  • I love you.
  • I love you so much.
  • Oh, my God.
  • You look so good, bud.
  • I just love this boy.
  • You look, like, really, really, really, really cool.
  • Thanks, Vanity Fair, for getting ready with me today.
  • But we got to go to the Grammys.
  • Nope.
  • Let's go.