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Seniesa Estrada & Yudica Put On A Fire Fight | Estrada Gets Win to Retain Belts | FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS

Video vocabulary


Copy vocabulary

US / raɪt /

UK / raɪt /

  • adjecitve
  • Correct or true
  • The south side of you looking at the rising sun
  • adverb
  • Exactly in a place or time
  • Being appropriate for a particular event
  • In a straight or direct manner
  • noun
  • Something you are legally or morally allowed to do
  • Ideal of what is just and good
  • Political view based on conservatism
  • verb
  • To fix something previously wrong or unjust
  • To make upright, as a boat that has turned over


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US / ʃɪ /

UK / ʃi /

  • pronoun
  • Female person or animal mentioned before
  • (Refers to female person mentioned before)


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US / ɡreɪt /

UK / ɡret /

  • adjecitve
  • Very large in size
  • Very important
  • Very good; fantastic; wonderful
  • adverb
  • Very good; better than before
  • noun
  • Successful and well-admired person


Copy vocabulary

US / kætʃ /

UK / kætʃ, kɛtʃ /

  • noun
  • Amount of something that has been caught
  • Trick or something trying to deceive
  • verb
  • To stop something flying and hold it
  • To stop something and not let it go, e.g. animals
  • To get sick or get a disease from someone else
  • To find someone to do something, a task
  • To get stuck on or in something
  • To be trapped so you can’t escape
  • To be able to understand what someone is saying


Copy vocabulary

US / hɪt /

UK / hɪt /

  • noun
  • A planned killing, usually for money
  • Song, movie etc. that is successful
  • When someone strikes someone or something
  • Time when a player makes contact with the ball
  • Time when a website is accessed
  • verb
  • To have a negative impact on a person/place/thing
  • To press something, such as a button or switch
  • To suddenly realize the importance of something
  • To move your hand, a bat, etc. against with force
  • To fight, attack or damage something or someone
  • To arrive at a specific place, level, or goal
  • To make contact with the ball in a game or sport


Copy vocabulary

US / əˈwɛə /

UK / əˈwɛr /

  • adjecitve
  • Knowing or feeling that something exists


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US / ɡet /

UK / ɡɛt /

  • verb
  • To become affected by illness or disease
  • To begin to feel or understand an emotion or idea
  • To send or bring someone or something home, etc.
  • To go somewhere to obtain something
  • To (cause to) do a particular thing
  • To obtain, receive or be given something
  • To currently have
  • To prepare for use
  • To understand something being said or read


Copy vocabulary

US / ə'baʊt /

UK / əˈbaʊt /

  • adverb
  • To be ready to; going to
  • Nearly; approximately; roughly
  • Near; next to; close to
  • In every direction; in the area of
  • preposition
  • Concerning or of (a topic)


Copy vocabulary

US / laɪk /

UK / laɪk /

  • adjecitve
  • Being equal in status or kind to something else
  • Similar; the same
  • adverb
  • For example
  • preposition
  • Used as a filler; used to ad emphasis
  • In a way similar to the way something is done
  • Such as; for example
  • verb
  • To want to
  • To find something pleasing; to prefer something


Copy vocabulary

US / ðæt /

UK / ðæt, ðət /

  • adjecitve
  • The person or thing being talked about
  • Used to identify something both the speakers know
  • adverb
  • Used to reinforce adjectives and adverbs
  • To such a degree
  • conjunction
  • Used to connect a noun clause
  • Used to introduce an adverbial clause
  • Used to introduce a noun clause
  • determiner
  • Used as a noun to refer to something
  • pronoun
  • Referring an object far away
  • Used to refer to the relative pronoun ‘which’


Copy vocabulary

US / step /

UK / stɛp /

  • noun
  • Movement done as part of a particular dance
  • Distance covered by one movement of a leg; stride
  • One part or stage in a process
  • Sound made by the feet while walking; footstep
  • Flat horizontal piece that forms stairs
  • verb
  • To raise and moving the foot to put it down


Copy vocabulary

US / reɪndʒ /

UK / rendʒ /

  • noun
  • Cooking stove with multiple burners
  • Given distance from a point; how far plane can fly
  • Large grassy area where cattle wander and feed
  • Group or chain of mountains
  • Set of things with something in common
  • Limits within which something extends or varies
  • A set of products, e.g. so that people can choose
  • verb
  • To cover an area from one point to another
  • To extend to or vary within given limits
  • To put things in a row or in line
  • To wander or explore


Copy vocabulary

US / ʃu:t /

UK / ʃut /

  • noun
  • Emerging new part of a plant
  • verb
  • To kick or throw a ball at a goal
  • To fire a gun; injure or kill someone with a gun
  • To (cause to) fly away forcefully
  • To use a camera to record a film/take a photograph


Copy vocabulary

US / saʊnd /

UK / saʊnd /

  • adjecitve
  • Sensible, dependable and reliable
  • Unbroken or undisturbed, as of sleep
  • Firm or solid in structure
  • Sane; not mentally ill
  • Clearly reasoned; involving sense, good judgment
  • noun
  • Unique quality that characterizes a style of music
  • Waves traveling in air or water that can be heard
  • verb
  • To seem or appear to be, from what was said
  • To say in a clear deliberate manner
  • To make a noise, e.g. to ring a bell


Copy vocabulary

US / ˈkaʊntəpʌn(t)ʃ /

UK / /

  • other
  • A return punch (especially by a boxer)


Copy vocabulary

US / taɪm /

UK / taɪm /

  • noun
  • Speed at which music is played; tempo
  • Point as shown on a clock, e.g. 3 p.m
  • Number of hours, minutes needed to do something
  • Occasion when something happens
  • Period or occasion that something occurred
  • Period in history or the past
  • Something measured in minutes, hours, days, etc.
  • How long an event takes; duration
  • verb
  • To check speed at which music is performed
  • To choose a specific moment to do something
  • To measure how long an event takes, e.g. a race
  • To schedule something to occur at a specific moment


Copy vocabulary

US / bɪˈfʌdl /

UK / bɪˈfʌdəl /

  • verb
  • To cause to be unable to think clearly, confuse


Copy vocabulary

US / ɑ:sk /

UK / æsk /

  • verb
  • To say to someone that you want something


Copy vocabulary

US / jʊ /

UK / ju /

  • pronoun
  • Person someone is speaking or writing to
  • Person or people in general


Copy vocabulary

US / ˈbɒd.i /

UK / ˈbɑdi /

  • noun
  • An object distinct from other objects
  • A group of people involved in an activity together
  • Main part of something
  • A person's physical self


Copy vocabulary

US / meɪk /

UK / mek /

  • noun
  • Product made by a particular company; brand
  • verb
  • To arrange or prepare something e.g. dinner
  • To get to (a place) on time
  • To gain the status of (teacher, lawyer, etc.)
  • To create something by putting things together
  • To earn a certain amount of money at a job
  • To cause or force a person to do something
  • To cause something to happen or be formed


Copy vocabulary

US / ˈbreɪkə(r) /

UK / ˈbrekɚ /

  • noun
  • Device that switches electricity on or off


Copy vocabulary

US / 'lɪtl /

UK / ˈlɪtl /

  • adjecitve
  • Being short in length of time
  • Not great in size, amount, or degree; small
  • Being very young or younger than others
  • adverb
  • By an amount or degree that is not very much
  • Not often; rarely
  • noun
  • A person's name


Copy vocabulary

US / ðə /

UK / ðə /

  • article
  • Used to refer to something already mentioned
  • Used to show there is only one of something
  • determiner
  • Used to describe all of a family


Copy vocabulary

US / naʊ /

UK / naʊ /

  • adverb
  • At the present time or moment
  • Right away or in the next possible moment
  • Used to refer to something that just happened
  • Time between the present and a moment in the past
  • conjunction
  • Resulting from or because of something


Copy vocabulary

US / dɪ'sɪʒn /

UK / dɪˈsɪʒən /

  • noun
  • Choice made after thinking; final judgment
  • Ability to make quick and confident choices


Copy vocabulary

US / ɡʊd /

UK / ɡʊd /

  • adjecitve
  • Proper, appropriate or right
  • (Of an amount) enough; plenty
  • Excellent; high quality
  • Acting well or properly; of moral character
  • In a positive or happy emotional state
  • noun
  • Advantage or benefit


Copy vocabulary

US / els /

UK / ɛls /

  • adverb
  • Otherwise; if you fail to
  • (Of person place thing etc.) besides; in addition


Copy vocabulary

US / weɪ /

UK / we /

  • adverb
  • Used to emphasize the amount of something
  • noun
  • Particular aspect of something being thought about
  • One of various choices that could be made
  • Particular existing condition or state
  • (Often long) distance or length of time
  • How something is done
  • Route to go to a place
  • Small street
  • Usual behavior, emotions or habits of someone


Copy vocabulary

US / ɔ:l /

UK / ɔl /

  • adverb
  • Completely; totally
  • determiner
  • Being every one of something
  • pronoun
  • 100% of something; the complete amount


Copy vocabulary

US / 'verɪ /

UK / ˈvɛri /

  • adjecitve
  • Concerning a large degree or amount
  • adverb
  • A lot; much; many
  • Used to stress or emphasize a noun


Copy vocabulary

US / θrəʊ /

UK / θroʊ /

  • noun
  • Arm movement to make a thing fly through the air
  • Loose cloth or blanket (usually over a chair)
  • Forcibly putting someone on the ground
  • verb
  • To use your arm to make something fly in the air
  • To move part of your body suddenly and forcefully
  • To confuse or upset someone
  • (E.g. judo) to forcibly put someone on the ground
  • To put something somewhere suddenly and roughly


Copy vocabulary

US / ə'tæk /

UK / əˈtæk /

  • noun
  • Act intended to hurt someone physically, mentally
  • verb
  • To try to destroy, beat, or injure


Copy vocabulary

US / ˈaɪðə(r) /

UK / ˈiðɚ, ˈaɪðɚ /

  • adjecitve
  • One of two (used when there is a choice of two)
  • adverb
  • (After negative statements) likewise, in addition
  • conjunction
  • Used as the first of two connected things
  • determiner
  • Used as the first of two connected things
  • pronoun
  • The one or the other


Copy vocabulary

US / 'strætədʒɪ /

UK / ˈstrætədʒi /

  • noun
  • Careful plan or method for achieving a goal
  • other
  • Branch of military dealing with command


Copy vocabulary

US / wɪð /

UK / wɪð, wɪθ /

  • preposition
  • As an employee of a certain company
  • Against something or someone
  • By using something as a means
  • Due to; because of
  • Including
  • Possessing as a feature
  • Related to
  • (Of the manner/attitude by which you do something)
  • Used to express that people or things are together


Copy vocabulary

US / kən'venʃənl /

UK / kənˈvɛnʃənəl /

  • adjecitve
  • Following the common attitudes and practices


Copy vocabulary

US / hænd /

UK / hænd /

  • noun
  • Cards given to a player in a card game
  • Piece of a clock that points to the time
  • Someone who performs physical tasks or work
  • Body part at the end of a person's arm
  • Help for someone performing a particular action
  • Condition of having power or influence
  • Member of the crew of a ship
  • verb
  • To give something to someone personally


Copy vocabulary

US / həv /

UK / hæv /

  • verb
  • To drink, smoke, eat or use something
  • To experience the effects of something
  • To organize an event, or join in an activity
  • To own, possess, or hold something
  • To cause to happen or produce a particular effect


Copy vocabulary

US / ənd /

UK / ənd, ən,ænd /

  • conjunction
  • Used to refer to two or more things
  • Plus; in addition; on top of that
  • Used to introduce an action that follows another


Copy vocabulary

US / bæk /

UK / bæk /

  • adjecitve
  • Farthest from the front e.g. in a classroom
  • adverb
  • Have returned to a place you were before
  • noun
  • The part of a chair that the upper body leans upon
  • Location at the rear of something
  • The reverse of side something
  • Area on the rear of your body
  • verb
  • To bet money on something
  • To go backwards in a car
  • To support and encourage someone or some cause


Copy vocabulary

US / ˈɜ:li /

UK / ˈɜ:rli /

  • adjecitve
  • Happening or appearing before
  • adverb
  • Coming/happening before others in a time sequence
  • Happening sooner than expected


Copy vocabulary

US / e'stəʊnɪə /

UK / e'stoʊnɪr /



Copy vocabulary

US / kʌm /

UK / kʌm /

  • verb
  • To arrive at a place
  • (Of mail) to be delivered
  • To move toward someone; go with someone
  • To reach a certain point or state


Copy vocabulary

US / aʊt /

UK / aʊt /

  • adverb
  • No longer stylish (e.g. fashion)
  • Away from home, business, or the usual place
  • In a direction/movement away from inside or center
  • noun
  • Act when a batter cannot continue playing
  • verb
  • To tell people a secret
  • Introduction to Video Content
  • Seniesa Estrada & Yudica Put On A Fire Fight | Estrada Gets Win to Retain BeltsIn a thrilling bout between Seniesa Estrada and Yudica, both fighters displayed their skill and determination. Yudica's counterpunching abilities were evident as she strategically attacked Estrada's body with right hand shots. However, Estrada proved to be a tough opponent, making smart decisions and timing her shots well. Yudica's left hook found success throughout the fight, but Estrada quickly adjusted and began countering effectively.The judges' scorecards reflected a close fight, with Estrada holding a slight advantage. Both fighters showcased their experience and ability to adapt in the ring. Yudica's sweeping left hand proved to be a powerful weapon, landing between punches and creating opportunities. Estrada's power punches were a key factor in her success, continually landing and taking advantage of the openings created by Yudica's high punch output.It was clear that both fighters had prepared for this challenging matchup. Estrada, who started boxing at 19, understood the importance of maintaining distance and using her height advantage against a shorter opponent. Yudica's experience and sharp instincts allowed her to capitalize on any mistakes made by her opponent.As the fight neared its conclusion, the outcome remained uncertain. The judges' decision would ultimately determine the winner, and opinions among ringside observers varied. Regardless of the final result, both Estrada and Yudica can be proud of their courageous performance in the ring.In conclusion, the battle between Estrada and Yudica was a thrilling display of skill, strategy, and determination. Both fighters showcased their strengths and adaptability, making for an exciting fight. The outcome may have been uncertain, but the dedication and heart demonstrated by both athletes are undeniable.
  • Subtitles section
  • I'm very aware of the counterpuncture of Yudika when we were asking her about the strategy earlier.
  • Right hand to the body.
  • Do this.
  • Some have been rule breakers when it comes to the conventional way.
  • She's going to get hit.
  • When she attacks and she steps back to get out of range.
  • It's important.
  • You need to be either all the way in or all the way out, or you're going to get caught with shots like that.
  • She's making good decisions, great sound decisions, throwing the right shots at the right time.
  • And right now, she has Estrada a little befuddled.
  • Oh. Another left hand catches Yudika as she came forward.
  • But I like the adjustment that I'm seeing from Estrada.
  • What she's doing.
  • All right, so gains of Estrada.
  • So when she throws, she's going to try to throw with her.
  • That left hook is finding a home for Yudika.
  • Again with the left hook.
  • There it is again.
  • 58-56, Senisa Estrada with the caveat.
  • Listen, you could see that third round either loses.
  • Well, there's still a lot to be determined here down the stretch.
  • That would only be one round off of what Mark Kriegel has, who favors Estrada, as we've heard from many of the ringside.
  • Yudika is too experienced.
  • She sees it.
  • Good exchange here at the end of seven.
  • Again.
  • It's the sweeping left hand that's able to hit between punches.
  • Hey, for her mistakes.
  • Well, when you throw her 400 punches to this point, you're going to create opportunity for the opponent.
  • There's another right hand that lands as Estrada just continues to advantage on power punches.
  • She has come here knowing what a challenge it would be.
  • Started boxing at 19. She knows that when you fight a shorter combination.
  • There's a short right hand from Estrada.
  • Nice shot.
  • Good hook from Estrada.
  • Coming forward.
  • So catches her with that left hook again.
  • That's what I'm talking about.
  • Counter the counter.
  • There it is with the left hand.
  • Wow.
  • Good stuff.
  • Very good stuff between Estrada and Yudika Timmy.
  • Both girls are landing bombs.
  • Both, I shouldn't say girls, excuse me, ladies were landing bombs from the opening bell.
  • You know, they got right to it.
  • That's the difference between male boxing and female boxing.
  • They get right to it because all they have to work is two minutes.
  • But beautiful clean punches by Yudika.
  • I think the height and the reach advantage gave Estrada some problems tonight.
  • You know, she was eventually able to figure it out.
  • But Yudika came with a game plan.
  • She was executing her game plan extremely well throughout the course of this fight.
  • And towards the end of the fight, you saw the champion pull up, prevail, figure it out.
  • Dominate the back end of this fight.
  • For your winner by unanimous decision, and still WBC, WBA minimum weight champion of the world, Senisa Superbad Estrada!
  • Senisa Superbad Estrada, as she will take those two belts back.
  • And she hopes to grab two belts.