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  • Lionel Messi continues to lead Inter Miami to success as they secure a place in yet another cup final. In a thrilling match against FC Cincinnati in the U.S. Open Cup, Miami demonstrated their resilience and determination to come back from behind and secure a victory. With only seconds left on the clock, many wondered if there was still a way for Miami to turn the game around. The magic of Messi seemed to be at play, as the team created several chances and put immense pressure on the Cincinnati defense. This never-say-die attitude has become a trademark of the Miami team, thanks to the influence of Lionel Messi. In previous matches, such as the Leagues Cup game against Dallas where they were 4-2 down, Miami showed their ability to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. They always seem to have a chance, no matter the circumstances. This change in mentality is a result of Messi's presence in the team, and Miami has now become a force to be reckoned with. They resemble the dominant Manchester United team under Sir Alex Ferguson, where you had to beat them until the very last second or else Messi might happen to you. It's evident that Messi's impact goes beyond his individual performances on the field. Even Chris, who was prepared to give up on Miami, knows that as long as Messi is in the team, they have a fighting chance. However, credit must also be given to FC Cincinnati, who outperformed Miami for the majority of the game. This highlights the importance of football education and the ability to see out a game. Teams facing Inter Miami now understand that they must be clinical in their chances and take advantage of any opportunities that come their way. Miami's success is a testament to Messi's influence and the team's overall growth under his leadership.
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  • And only seconds left on the clock at one point.
  • What were you feeling?
  • Did you feel like there's still a way back in this, the magic of Messi and Miami?
  • I did, yeah.
  • For me, it felt that Cincinnati had put all the subs on to defend the lead.
  • And yeah, they had a few chances.
  • We'll break them down later.
  • But I just felt like Miami were under, were able to put Cincinnati under a considerable amount of pressure as the game was moving into stoppage time.
  • They were creating chances.
  • And you go back to that Dallas game in Leagues Cup when they were 4-2 down, they get the free kick late to make it 4-4. You just don't feel like this Miami team is ever dead.
  • You feel like they always are going to have a chance.
  • And that's the complete flip in mentality that seven games, eight games of Lionel Messi has created.
  • It's now they are the juggernaut.
  • They are the team that takes beating.
  • They're like the Manchester United of the Sir Alex Ferguson days where you have to beat them until the very last second or else Messi might happen to you.
  • Poppy, I bet you anybody, Chris was getting ready to take off his Miami jump when it was raining in town, about to throw it down on the ground.
  • But then again, they've got Lionel Messi.
  • It's that simple.
  • But Cincinnati deserve credit.
  • They were the better time.
  • They were the better team for me throughout that game.
  • But when you have Lionel Messi in your team, you always have a chance.
  • It's about football education, being able to see out a game.
  • And also now what teams have to understand is when you're facing this into Miami side, when you get opportunities, you have to be clinical.
  • You have to take your chances.
  • Because if you don't take your chances, the longer the game goes on, Lionel Messi will do what Lionel Messi's done his entire career and produce a brilliant, magical moment.
  • I will just add that in terms of preparation, FC Cincinnati came in with the right game plan, the right tactics, the right mentality, the right player selection, everything was on point.
  • And for Tata Martino, he was experimenting, giving players a chance to come in and make a mark, different formation.
  • And it backfired.
  • But the tactical in-game adjustments is what you pay for when you get a Tata Martino.
  • To bring the squad, to make them come alive.
  • And FC Cincinnati, given the lead that they had, it was almost like they relied on it too early.
  • And they went to that defensive mindset too early against Miami because they were still ripe for the taking.
  • And man, I think for Pat Nooney, he's gonna look at himself in the mirror and be like.
  • They were so close, weren't they?
  • They were so close.
  • I wouldn't even say they really went to a defensive mindset for me in Cincinnati.
  • Because again, as the game went on, Santos had some great chances.
  • And it's about the fine margins of the game.
  • You've got to be clinical and you have to be precise.
  • In the final third, making the right decisions.
  • Because there were some real good counter-attacking situations.
  • They just didn't capitalize on it.
  • They could have put that game to bed and put Miami to the sword.
  • But like you said, the Tata Martinos, I give them credit.
  • That's what top managers do.
  • He's watching the game, makes the right substitutions.
  • And as always, it was...
  • I think for me, the best one was Joseph Martinez.
  • So many names you've got to remember these days.
  • Martinez coming on and scoring that goal is a thing for me.