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When Rafi finds out that J DIva might be swirling with his potential partner! Kountry Wayne

Video vocabulary


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US / ˈbɪznəs /

UK / ˈbɪznɪs /

  • noun
  • A company formed for making profit
  • Matter that has to be dealt with; task; situation
  • Activity of working to make a profit


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US / nɒt /

UK / nɑt /

  • adverb
  • Word indicating the negative
  • (Used to form the negative of verbs)


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US / brəʊ /

UK / broʊ /

  • noun
  • Shortened form of 'brother'


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US / ˈbrʌðə(r) /

UK / ˈbrʌðɚ /

  • noun
  • A boy or man who shares a parent with you


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US / bət /

UK / bʌt,bət /

  • conjunction
  • Used before you say something different, opposite


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US / ɡʊd /

UK / ɡʊd /

  • adjecitve
  • Proper, appropriate or right
  • (Of an amount) enough; plenty
  • Excellent; high quality
  • Acting well or properly; of moral character
  • In a positive or happy emotional state
  • noun
  • Advantage or benefit


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US / ˈfi:lɪŋ /

UK / ˈfilɪŋ /

  • noun
  • Sensation or emotion you experience
  • verb
  • To be aware of or experience an emotion, sensation
  • To sense through direct contact; touch


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US / ɡet /

UK / ɡɛt /

  • verb
  • To become affected by illness or disease
  • To begin to feel or understand an emotion or idea
  • To send or bring someone or something home, etc.
  • To go somewhere to obtain something
  • To (cause to) do a particular thing
  • To obtain, receive or be given something
  • To currently have
  • To prepare for use
  • To understand something being said or read


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US / raɪt /

UK / raɪt /

  • adjecitve
  • Correct or true
  • The south side of you looking at the rising sun
  • adverb
  • Exactly in a place or time
  • Being appropriate for a particular event
  • In a straight or direct manner
  • noun
  • Something you are legally or morally allowed to do
  • Ideal of what is just and good
  • Political view based on conservatism
  • verb
  • To fix something previously wrong or unjust
  • To make upright, as a boat that has turned over


Copy vocabulary

US / laɪk /

UK / laɪk /

  • adjecitve
  • Being equal in status or kind to something else
  • Similar; the same
  • adverb
  • For example
  • preposition
  • Used as a filler; used to ad emphasis
  • In a way similar to the way something is done
  • Such as; for example
  • verb
  • To want to
  • To find something pleasing; to prefer something


Copy vocabulary

US / ðæt /

UK / ðæt, ðət /

  • adjecitve
  • The person or thing being talked about
  • Used to identify something both the speakers know
  • adverb
  • Used to reinforce adjectives and adverbs
  • To such a degree
  • conjunction
  • Used to connect a noun clause
  • Used to introduce an adverbial clause
  • Used to introduce a noun clause
  • determiner
  • Used as a noun to refer to something
  • pronoun
  • Referring an object far away
  • Used to refer to the relative pronoun ‘which’


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US / wɒt /

UK / hwɑt, hwʌt, wɔt, wʌt,hwət, wət /

  • pronoun
  • Thing or things that; the same kind as
  • Used to emphasize something you are about to say
  • adjecitve
  • Used to refer to a particular amount, or number
  • Used to place emphasis on a particular quality
  • adverb
  • To a certain degree
  • determiner
  • Question words used for asking for information
  • exclamation
  • Used to express excitement, shock, or surprise
  • Used to ask people to repeat something they said


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US / bɪɡ /

UK / bɪɡ /

  • adjecitve
  • Popular
  • Serious
  • Large


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US / 'lɪtl /

UK / ˈlɪtl /

  • adjecitve
  • Being short in length of time
  • Not great in size, amount, or degree; small
  • Being very young or younger than others
  • adverb
  • By an amount or degree that is not very much
  • Not often; rarely
  • noun
  • A person's name


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US / ɪnˈvestmənt /

UK / ɪnˈvɛstmənt /

  • noun
  • Something purchased hoping its value will increase
  • Act of giving time, energy to see a future reward


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US / ðə /

UK / ðə /

  • article
  • Used to refer to something already mentioned
  • Used to show there is only one of something
  • determiner
  • Used to describe all of a family


Copy vocabulary

US / haʊ /

UK / haʊ /

  • adjecitve
  • To what degree? in what amount?
  • adverb
  • (Used to explain the way to do something)
  • exclamation
  • For what purpose or reason?
  • (Used to ask someone or something's condition)


Copy vocabulary

US / jʊ /

UK / ju /

  • pronoun
  • Person someone is speaking or writing to
  • Person or people in general


Copy vocabulary

US / mæn /

UK / mæn /

  • noun
  • Humans in general, including male and female
  • An adult male human being
  • Male who acts in a masculine way; not like a woman
  • verb
  • To control or operate (a machine); be in charge of
  • To operate a machine (a boat, etc.)


Copy vocabulary

US / ðɪs /

UK / ðɪs /

  • adjecitve
  • Used to indicate something already been discussed
  • Used to indicate something happening around now
  • adverb
  • An indication by a physical motion or gesture
  • A specific amount of
  • determiner
  • Person, thing, or idea near you
  • pronoun
  • Person, thing that has already been discussed


Copy vocabulary

US / bə'nɑ:nə /

UK / bəˈnænə /

  • noun
  • Long curved yellow fruit with a white center


Copy vocabulary

US / ðən /

UK / ðən /

  • conjunction
  • Used to compare two things that are not equal


Copy vocabulary

US / traɪ /

UK / traɪ /

  • noun
  • Act of putting the ball over the rugby goal line
  • verb
  • To make an effort, to attempt to do something
  • To examine someone or something in a court of law
  • To test to see if it is good or you like it
  • To make a person go through hardship; test
  • To examine something to see if it works


Copy vocabulary

US / stɪk /

UK / stɪk /

  • noun
  • Long thin piece of wood from a tree
  • verb
  • To push a sharp or pointed object into something
  • To join together using glue or paste
  • To remain in one place or position for a long time


Copy vocabulary

US / kʌm /

UK / kʌm /

  • verb
  • To arrive at a place
  • (Of mail) to be delivered
  • To move toward someone; go with someone
  • To reach a certain point or state


Copy vocabulary

US / ənd /

UK / ənd, ən,ænd /

  • conjunction
  • Used to refer to two or more things
  • Plus; in addition; on top of that
  • Used to introduce an action that follows another


Copy vocabulary

US / gɜ:l /

UK / gɜ:rl /

  • noun
  • A female child; a young woman


Copy vocabulary

US / heɪ /

UK / he /

  • exclamation
  • What you say when you want someone's attention


Copy vocabulary

US / ˈsʌmθɪŋ /

UK / ˈsʌmθɪŋ /

  • adverb
  • In some degree or measure
  • noun
  • a person or thing of some value or consequence
  • pronoun
  • Thing that is not yet known or named
  • Approximately


Copy vocabulary

US / kɪd /

UK / kɪd /

  • adjecitve
  • Made from young goat skin
  • noun
  • Child or young person
  • Young goat
  • verb
  • To make fun of someone in a gentle way; to tease


Copy vocabulary

US / ɪnˈgri:diənt /

UK / ɪnˈɡridiənt /

  • noun
  • Food item used when making a meal or drink
  • Quality necessary to be something to work well


Copy vocabulary

US / bɔɪ /

UK / bɔɪ /

  • noun
  • A young male person


Copy vocabulary

US / tʃɪl /

UK / tʃɪl /

  • noun
  • State of being a little cold
  • Feeling of fear or being frightened
  • Slight cold or illness that makes you shake
  • verb
  • To make something cold, e.g. a drink
  • To become less tense about something


Copy vocabulary

US / mi:t /

UK / mit /

  • noun
  • Flesh of a dead animal that you eat
  • Something that is important or significant


Copy vocabulary

US / ə'laɪv /

UK / əˈlaɪv /

  • adjecitve
  • Living; not dead


Copy vocabulary

US / nəʊ /

UK / noʊ /

  • verb
  • To be familiar with a person or place, thing
  • To feel sure or be convinced about something
  • To discover or be aware of something
  • To be able to distinguish
  • To have knowledge of things


Copy vocabulary

US / maɪnd /

UK / maɪnd /

  • noun
  • One's opinion or way of thinking about something
  • Part of humans that allows us to think or feel
  • verb
  • To be bothered or upset by something
  • To take care of someone e.g. as a bodyguard


Copy vocabulary

US / ɔ:l /

UK / ɔl /

  • adverb
  • Completely; totally
  • determiner
  • Being every one of something
  • pronoun
  • 100% of something; the complete amount


Copy vocabulary

US / hu: /

UK / hu /

  • pronoun
  • Which person
  • Used to introduce information about people


Copy vocabulary

US / lʊk /

UK / lʊk /

  • noun
  • Person's beauty or physical attractiveness
  • Particular style of dress, clothes, or appearance
  • The way someone, something appears to be
  • Act of searching for or examining something
  • verb
  • To appear to be; seem


Copy vocabulary

US / maɪk /

UK / maɪk /

  • intransitive verb
  • Idle away one's time.
  • noun
  • A microphone.
  • A period of idleness.
  • A code word representing the letter M, used in radio communication.
  • transitive verb
  • Place a microphone close to (someone or something) or in (a place)


Copy vocabulary

US / ˈbri:ðɪŋ /

UK / ˈbriðɪŋ /

  • verb
  • To move air into and out of your lungs
  • To say something very softly
  • To stop moving so one can rest


Copy vocabulary

US / wel /

UK / wɛl /

  • adjecitve
  • Being in a fortunate, good condition or state
  • Healthy and in good condition
  • adverb
  • In an acceptable, proper, or successful manner
  • In a complete, total, or full manner
  • A great and considerable degree
  • In a successful way, in a good or satisfactory way
  • exclamation
  • Used to begin or continue a particular statement
  • Used to show you want to start saying something
  • Used to express that you are waiting for a reply
  • You say this to change the topic of a conversation
  • Used to indicate you are making a final remark
  • noun
  • Long deep hole in the ground to get water
  • verb
  • To cause your eyes to fill with tears


Copy vocabulary

US / dʒʌst /

UK / dʒʌst /

  • adjecitve
  • Proper or appropriate; as is deserved
  • Doing or being what is right or fair
  • Legally correct; having enough evidence
  • adverb
  • Almost; nearly
  • Exactly at the time of
  • Exactly (the same as, like)


Copy vocabulary

US / tɔ:k /

UK / tɔk /

  • noun
  • Style of speaking
  • Discussion between two countries
  • Giving information in front of people; lecture
  • Saying things or ideas to someone with words
  • verb
  • To make a formal speech about something
  • To say things or ideas to someone with words


Copy vocabulary

US / stʌf /

UK / stʌf /

  • noun
  • Generic description for things, materials, objects
  • verb
  • To push material inside something, with force
  • Introduction to Video Content
  • In this video, Rafi discovers that J DIva may be involved with his potential partner, Kountry Wayn. Mike interrupts their conversation, but Rafi insists on discussing an important matter. Rafi explains that they are seeking an investment opportunity but are facing difficulties. Despite his efforts, the necessary funding has not come through as expected. Rafi reveals that he reached out to various contacts, including a couple recommended by Wayn, but encountered obstacles along the way. Rafi acknowledges that Mike had warned him about these challenges. Rafi then introduces the idea of pitching something to Kenny, who is known for his success in business. He mentions a tech genius named Tariq Wizards, who has created a groundbreaking innovation that could potentially lead to long-lasting financial prosperity. Rafi emphasizes the involvement of influential personalities in the project, indicating the potential for significant returns.
  • Subtitles section
  • Mike, mind your business.
  • I'm trying to do better.
  • Right, look.
  • It looks like more than just a...
  • It looks like a meat ingredient or something, man.
  • What do you know?
  • It's a meat ingredient, all right.
  • Who?
  • The girl trying to get some of that banana stick.
  • Right.
  • Hey, hey, hey.
  • What's up, boy?
  • What's up, what's up, what's up, what's up?
  • Rob, what's up, big brother?
  • I'm chilling, man.
  • How you doing, man?
  • I'm alive, I'm breathing.
  • You feeling good?
  • I'm feeling good.
  • What up, dog?
  • I'm chilling, man.
  • I'm just...
  • I came to talk to y'all, like, on some, you know, little bro, big bro stuff, like...
  • So, you know, we're trying to get this investment, right?
  • I don't know if you know, but we're trying to get this investment.
  • And it's not going the way I thought it was.
  • Right, I knew it was going to be a big amount of money that we needed, but...
  • I pulled as many strings as I could.
  • The family, the, you know, husband and wife that you put me on to, the investors, I hit them up.
  • They was with it.
  • They was with it.
  • We were so close.
  • And then the BS started, bro.
  • Which you did warn me about, of course.
  • So now I'm like, all right.
  • I was trying to warn you about a lot of stuff.
  • Go ahead.
  • Um, hey, bro, you know that?
  • Kenny.
  • I kind of want to...
  • Did you tell him about it?
  • No, go and tell him.
  • Tell him what?
  • So, I kind of want to pitch you something.
  • You know, you're successful in business, right?
  • You know, you know what you, you know what I'm saying?
  • No, I'm fine.
  • So, all right.
  • So, I came across this opportunity with this tech genius.
  • What's his name?
  • Tell Ken to give you his name.
  • You got to tell him about it.
  • This is a kid named Tariq Wizards, right?
  • And he has created something innovative that could really create generational wealth, right?
  • And he has big hitters.
  • Like, he got people donating money, but I wrote them a romance letter.
  • And he's allowed me the opportunity to jump in for only 500K.
  • Jump in?
  • You're trying to jump in?
  • You know what I'm saying?
  • So, like, I'm like, maybe I can intertwine my dog in the situation, you know?
  • I think you're already intertwined, man.
  • Yeah, intertwined.
  • Yeah.
  • Um.
  • Uh, what's up?
  • I mean, it's Rocky, y'all.
  • Nah, I'm gonna need to see him out of my business.
  • Hey, hey, hey.
  • Come on, what's up?
  • Nah, I'm gonna need to see him out of my business.
  • You want to tell him?
  • I don't, I don't want to tell him, but...
  • Nah, it's cool.
  • You're out there now.
  • Hold on, man.
  • Y'all, y'all trying to surprise me or something?
  • Nah, man, it's just a surprise.
  • What's up?
  • I, um, I actually went over to J.D.'s store to, you know, come chop it up with him.
  • Talk about you, actually, on your behalf and what's going on.
  • But, uh.
  • I appreciate you, man.
  • We had a little surprise walk-in.
  • Yeah, that was today.
  • Yeah.
  • Yeah, when you was in your meeting, it was a meet-and-greet going on.
  • But I can't say nothing because I'm...
  • Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on.
  • I can't tell you, I can't tell you.
  • Tyreke Willis came in and it looked like they had more than just a customer relationship.
  • Like, what you mean it looked like?
  • Like, what, what, what, what, what, what was hurting you?
  • Well, I'm gonna say this.
  • I'm not gonna say too much because, uh, I was helping Dominique move.
  • And she told me to mind my business, which I'm doing.
  • I ain't gonna tell you what we saw.
  • Because me and Dominique wasn't there.
  • He was in there, too.
  • She was getting a job.
  • You wasn't doing no shopping.
  • I was shopping.
  • Oh, yeah.
  • He wasn't getting no clothes.
  • Right.
  • I don't think that's too funny.
  • To be honest with you.
  • No, I was, I was, I was laughing.
  • I was laughing with you.
  • Okay.
  • Right.
  • But, uh...
  • Okay.
  • You all right?
  • I'm good.
  • Where you going?
  • I ain't never tripping.
  • Ha, ha.
  • Tip-toes down.
  • What am I calling you?
  • Tip-toes, okay.
  • We can tip-toe here.
  • Yeah.
  • Oh, he's definitely gonna be hurting on this one.
  • Dre!
  • I...
  • I didn't tell you this, bro.
  • Kendrick told you this.